Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time To Fill In The New Calendars....

Today was the day that I filled in the new Calendars. I usually have 3.

#1. The one I hang up by the phone. It's handy to write appointments on. Since I'm standing right there. I use that one since I hope I will actually look at it. LOL I'm on the phone at least once a day, so I use it in hopes that I will check the calendar out every day.

#2. The one that is out by my computer. I try to open it every morning. I take it to meetings to fill in dates for events and such. I keep all the birthdays on this calendar. I try to remember to add them as I find them. I plan every year to make sure to email, call, or fb message everyone on their birthdays. I'm still trying to make that goal. I have great intentions, I really do.

#3 The last calendar is one of the little pocket ones I keep in my purse. For those occasions like when I'm at the Dr. or dentist and I need to make another appt. I use to write all the birthdays on it. Those little tiny squares are just not big enough. I have to write everything in abbreviations and hope I can remember what they mean later. I have to laugh because this past year there were several times when I had no idea what my scratching abbreviations meant. I always used this calendar exclusively in the past, but these days I just keep it in case I need to know something while I'm out. I mostly keep notes in it. Phone #'s.. what I'm allergic to .. just in case I end up in an accident and have to go to the ER. Contact phone numbers.. My Doctor's phone number. Who to contact in case of emergency etc. I keep lists of stuff in the little plastic sleeve too.. I like it for that.

While I was filling out the Calendars today I was struck by how quickly the year flies by. Then I noticed that even though we think of a month being long; they are really quite short. Only 4 weeks. I seemed to whiz through the year at breakneck speed as I was adding b-days, appts., and tentative event dates. I thought to myself " No wonder the year flies by so quickly, It's only 52 weeks long. Not Long at all".

I had to laugh, I was telling hubby all about what I did last year. My life is all written down on those Calendar squares. Appointments, Surgeries, Graduation Open houses, lunches with friends, Wedding and baby showers, Weddings, and Funerals, county fairs, and vacation dates. Days in my life. He mentioned that is was just like a diary. It is. So take a look through your calendar. Look at each little square and all the stuff you did. I'll bet it's full of life.

I can't wait to see what those new pretty white and empty squares will fill up with this year. I can't wait to see what fun awaits us. I'm ready.

Happy New year to you...
May your Calendar be full of Fun, Joy, Laughter,
Family, Friends, Food, and Celebrations.

Matt, Shut Your Mouth...

Christmas here is always up in the air. We are never really sure when it will come. We usually have at least 2 Christmases.

These are the boys. Mike, Matt, and Tim. Mike is my Step-grandson, This was his first time to spend the Christmas day/weekend. (week before the real one) The Boys come down and We eat, open gifts, make cookies and other treats, and just generally have fun. Lots of fun.

This year was different, all three at one time and all teenagers. whooo goodness.. Hubby and I had girls. I know girls. I know what most girls like.. Boys are a whole different thing, and teen boys are even more fun. Lot of eating, drinking, game system playing.. laughing, and goofing. Yep they will keep a grandmother young. In the photo above we tried to get a nice pic of the boys and grandma Karen.. aka: GK (snicker) after 10 attempts, we just gave up. The last photo was good.. but my eyes were closed, so this was the best one.
Gift opening on Christmas Day. Hubby was all excited and laughing. The dogs, Rosey (laying) and Sissy were excited about all the paper ripping and the oohs and aahs. Rosey is kind of nervous by nature, and was concerned that we were hurting her daddy. LOL so she eventually left for her crate till all the noise was done and we were eating.

One of my favorite times this year. Christmas Eve Service. I was in the drama this year. It was so much fun. I was a little hesitant as my memorizing skills are a bit rusty. Thank goodness I was given a fun and small part. Plenty of time to check which lines came next so I wouldn't trip anyone up by saying something off the wall.. LOL it was so much fun. The evening ended with candle lighting and singing of Silent night and Joy to the World. Lots of Joy and celebrating.

Hubby calls me Christmas Karen. It is truly my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. Especially the family and friends we get to spend time with. I can't wait for Christmas to come.
For now, I'm ready for Spring.. how about you?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Favorite Christmas Decorations...

This Santa and Mrs. Claus are very special to me. I got them on my honeymoon in 1983. Santa for hubby and Mrs. Clause for me. I have to laugh, I got them at a gas station/convenience store/gift shop. Forwards, you locals will recognize that name. We had gone up to Standish to squirrel hunt. These are always the first decorations placed on the tree.

This decoration was hand painted by a lady that we met on our 10th wedding anniversary. We decided to spend the weekend touring the east side of the state. We spent the night in Port Huron and found this at a Flea-market the next morning.

This beautiful Santa was painted by my dear friend Connie. She is so talented. She has painted and sold wood crafts for year. It's funny how we both painted many Santas among other things and never thought to keep any of them for ourselves.

This is another very special ornament. It's not the original. When my Sister-in law had my dad's Christmas things a few things were misplaced. I found this at a flea-market a few years ago. It is an exact replica of the reindeer ornament my Dad had for years before us kids came along. The red has worn off his nose, but I know who he is. A special memory of my childhood.

This is one the recent additions of my most precious and favorite Christmas decorations.
Don made this Santa, sleigh, and reindeer for me a few years ago. I kept them in Ky. when we stayed the winters there. I brought it home to Michigan 2 years ago. I just love it. so much work detail, and love went into it.

I hope you are putting out some decorations with great memories and stories. Make sure you share a few of them with your family.

More Christmas Favorites

More Christmas Favorites...

The Church in the photos above has always been part of my Christmas. It belonged to my parents. It's been around longer then I have. It is kind of beat up.. the bottom is missing and the light is gone.. (I did find a new light so I can light it at night now) It lived with my sister-in law for a couple of years, but it found it's way back to me. It goes up every year.

The best part of the scene now whether with the crystal nativity set (a gift from Marsha, one of my day care kids of the 90's) or by itself; is Santa Worshipping the Baby Jesus. (I got this In Frankenmuth at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. (

Husband suggested that I remove the baby Jesus in our larger Nativity display so I could put a light in it. It sits in the living room in a kind of dark corner. I reminded him that Jesus is the Star of Christmas.. Without the Baby there is no Christmas.. Remove Jesus to put up a light.. He is the Light of the world.. I suggested some clear lights be added to the Creche next year. I love that guy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Yule Ya'll

I love Santa, I took a tole painting class in the 1990's. This is my favorite Santa. I painted a few others along with a sled. Most I gave away for gifts. This one sits out every year. I love his beard.

WOW, another Christmas almost upon us. I can't believe how fast the time has gone since Thanksgiving.

I finally finished decorating the house. I got the decorations out Last week. I love to decorate EVERYTHING.. I even take down a lot of the decor and put up decoration.
I know, my husband says he same thing.. Crazy woman.

This year it took me a week to put the tree up. The other decorations went up quickly. I didn't do my usual "Whole house" thing, but I did do up the living room and a bit of the kitchen. I even tossed a Santa in the bathroom. I haven't put out the special Christmas hand towel yet, but I think that's all that I need to do. I'll wait till we have guests. Toothpaste wiped all over it would simply ruin the whole aura of Joy.

I thought I would show you a few of my favorite decorations. I love each one. I can just about tell you where every decoration on the tree came from. They all hold special memories. I have boxes of them that won't fit on our 4 ft. tree. I think I finally talked husband into letting me get a 6.5 ft. one after Christmas if I can find one that will fit in our very limited space, and it's on sale for an excellent price.

You already saw my favorite Santa ( of the ones I painted) . Below you will see one of my favorite gifts/ornaments. I got it from one of my Day Care Mom's. Mackenzie and Aaron's mom to be exact. All the kids knew Miss Karen had a vacation home in Ky. I think this ornament is perfect. It hung on our Ky. tree for the 10 + yrs. we spent our Christmas' there..
I share a few more of my favorites tomorrow..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday and Special Gifts...

A Typical Black Friday Crowd

If you have read any of my recent posts on Facebook you will see that I did most of my Black Friday Christmas shopping from my dinning room; in my Jammie's, and Online.

I loved it. No pushing. No shoving. No cussing. No rude arrogant tirades at defenseless cashiers. No standing in line for 45 minutes to find out the person in front of me got the last one.
It was fabulous. I loved it.

I did go out to the store late in the afternoon.
It was wonderful. I found parking near the front of the stores. I could actually walk down the aisles without being in fear for my life. I even bought a few items. Some of them were on sale too.

I don't mind tooting my own horn on occasion. I got some great deals. There will be some smiley faces on Christmas at our house. That's a good thing.

I returned home this evening to check out my email
(in case some email alert on a special item should be in the inbox.)
Having found nothing special I decided to peruse through my wall feed on facebook. I see a lot of interesting comments there. Today was the usual, game requests, prayer requests, even a friend request. Funny comments about lots of stuff.

Then I saw this posted :
Just set the manger up under the Christmas tree. my daughter just offered baby Jesus some microwave popcorn. :)

How precious is that? I was so busy today trying to find just the right gifts. I was so proud of myself. Then I read that post.

I was again reminded that Christmas is not about the Sales, the great gift finds, or how much money I saved. (though that is a good thing, being all wise with my money and staying on budget.)

I was again reminded that the best Gift, The first gift of the Season, came over 2000 years ago. That gift was Jesus. I need to offer Him a gift. That little girl was offering that little baby in the manger something that was hers. Something special to her.

So today as I mark the gifts I purchased off my list, and calculate where I am according to my Christmas budget, I'm going to remember to offer myself as a gift to Jesus. He can have anything I've got.

You may be asking why...
Because He gave all of Himself for me...

Happy Black Friday, Happy Shopping, and Merry Christmas!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today I Am Thankful ...

Today I am Thankful...
I am Thankful for a God who loves me,
cares for me, sings over me, knows my needs and then
supplies Just what I need when I need it.

I am Thankful for My Family; all of them; Each one.

I am Thankful for the Friends that God has placed in my life.
Each one special in their own way.
Some that have become part of our family.

I am Thankful for the little things that happen each day.
I am thankful for smiles, kind words, and music.

I am thankful for hugs and kisses from my husband,
hugs from my kids and grand kids,
hugs from my friends.
I'm especially thankful for dog kisses.

I am thankful for the sounds and smells of fall, cheers at football games,
campfires and smores.
the taste of Cold Apple Cider and Warm donuts.

I am Thankful for the Sparkling white diamonds of snow in the winter, and the promise of life to come as the earth renews itself

I am thankful for the bright colors of the trees and flowers in Spring,
The smell of fresh dirt
and For the sound of rain gently falling on our roof.

I am Thankful for the hot days of summer,
BBQ grills, hot dogs, and ice cream.

I am thankful for this journey called life,
I am thankful for the smooth roads that I have traveled.

I'm thankful for the rough ground
where my character has been tested
and where I have been made a better person.

I'm thankful for the long nights of weeping
for they were, as promised, followed by Joy in the morning.

I am thankful for so many things
that there aren't enough pages to write them on.

Today I am Thankfully Rejoicing for it all...

The Pie That Almost Wasn't...

whew, the Pie is done..

No small feat today. Usually Pie's are one of my good things. I can make homemade crust, but I don't. I like the Pillsbury "roll it out yourself" pie crusts. I had one in the freezer.

If you read my last post you will see a few comments about what not to do when making a pie to take for Thanksgiving dinner.

Above you will see the pie.. The pie crust didn't roll out right; and the pan was to big.
I re-rolled the top crust.. uh my only comment about the bottom is crust is this.. "I just hope it stays on the bottom and the pie will come off the pan without a scraper".

Another Note you may want to make, if you take a Pie to your dinner..

"Cinnamon sugar sprinkled on Top will cover a multitude of sins"

And it's mighty Tasty too...

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

A Few Things To Remember When Preparing That Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

I have been cooking today. I'm taking food to our friend's home for a Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. I remembered a few things I should Never forget.

Here is a list for you.... Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Thaw out that fake pie crust (the roll out one or the kind that are already formed in the pan) early.
  2. Don't use old frozen crusts, they really will not work. Mine didn't.. Even balling it up and re-rolling can only help so much.
  3. Do use the correct size Pie pan. If you use the bigger one cause you can make a bigger pie, buy extra fake crusts, or make more dough.
  4. Don't run out of stuff to make pie dough with.
  5. Make sure you favorite husband, boyfriend, sister, friend, or significant other; knows where the ingredients you need can be found in the only store that will be open.
  6. If your items can not be found at the local gas station/convenience store; have a back up plan. A nice box of hoho's can be decorated with redi-whip (in the can) and topped with a Maraschino Cherry.
  7. If you are preparing the Turkey, Don't forget to take the bag of innards out before stuffing or cooking it.
  8. If your favorite husband, boyfriend, sister, friend, or significant other; comes home with 6 of the item you only needed one of. Look thrilled.. thank them profusely, and make a note to make at least 6 more pies for friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. within the next few days.
  9. If you are signing up for a dish to take to the Family Thanksgiving Volunteer to bring the Jumbo size foam plates, plastic cups, and Napkins. Or better yet Chips and Dip.. the latter can be picked up at any local gas station/convenience store in the area.
These are certainly not all the things you should remember when Preparing that favorite Thanksgiving dish, but it's a start.

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I Got To Do On My Fall Vacation

As you will see from a few of my previous Posts, We spent 2 weeks this fall at our little Ky. cabin. We were hoping to spend a little more time there.. but hubby wasn't feeling well and I had to get back to work the General Election. I would have been thoroughly disgusted by our abbreviated trip except for one thing... I got to see my brother.

That may not seem like a big deal to most.. but it was to me. You see I haven't seen him for about 18yrs. I think he was 15 or 16 the last time I saw him, He thinks he was 14.. who knows, I just know it was a very long time ago. to long.

As you may have read in a previous post, I was adopted. I met my birth-family almost 20 yrs ago. Mom was living northeast of here with my youngest siblings. My brother Juan and Sister Francisca. After only a few months of visits and getting to know them and the rest of mom's family, She and the kids moved back to Texas. She had lived there for many years and was really homesick for Texas. Trips were planned, but seemed to fall through at the last minute. We would talk on the phone, and message over the Internet, but we never did get to see each other face to face..

Before I knew it Juan had graduated high school and was working. Time flew by and I heard he was getting married. Wow.. cool.. Then the call came that had us both laughing.. He was going into the Army. Egad the boy, I mean man was almost 30. What was he thinking? LOL he told me "Sis, if I can live through basic, I can live through anything".. We laughed, especially when he told me the rest of his group called him grandpa.. they were mostly 18 yr old.. LOL Grandpa kept up with them and surpassed most..

Juan was trained and placed in a Calvary unit. We really like the hat and the spurs.. LOL looking good little brother.. anyway.. He was deployed to Iraq twice. Due to some injuries sustained through IED attacks he is retiring out this winter.

He was the reason we went to Ky. I got to spend 4 glorious days with him and his family. We got to hear some great stories and just talk. He even made Chicken enchiladas and rice for us. It was wonderful. It was so great to just sit and look at him. What a wonderful man he has grown into. I was so thrilled to meet his wife and their grandson. They are raising him. What a beautiful family they are.

The time with my brother and his family was way to short. But it was so good to see them.
We got lots of great pictures. I even got a Camel from FOB Warrior.. a real treat.. He sits in my bedroom gazing out the window. We promised that another 18 yrs would not pass before we saw each other again. It's a promise I plan on keeping. He does too. It was difficult to watch him drive away, but so good to think on those days that we got to look at each other.. and laugh together.

Whew What A Week I Mean 3 Weeks..

Wow, another week has flown past; Actually I think it was more like 3 weeks. Christmas shopping has been started, lists compiled, food purchased, recipes perused, and budget planned.

My planned budget was the first thing to go. LOL Hubby blew that when he came home with a request for the funds to buy a "most sought after item".. one he's been looking for. He never asks for extra out of the bill money.. so I could hardly say no. so the "most sought after item" is now making it's new residence in our home..

With a new plan and budget in hand I made my first shopping trip. Frankenmuth Michigan. I love it. I love Bronners (the world's largest Christmas store) We also spent a couple of hours at the area outlet mall, and of course had our traditional Chicken dinner at Zehnders. Yummy. I did purchase several things for gifts; so all in all I would call it a good day.

I spent the next day in the grocery store.. stocking up on chocolate chips, pecans, evaporated milk, cranberries, and marshmallow cream. I have fudge and cookies to make this weekend for my Special Soldier boxes. I also make peppermint bark for our boxes. oh no.. I forgot to get the chocolate bark.
OOPS.. guess I better head back to the store.

I have plenty of other things to catch you up on.. I have had a very busy 3 weeks.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Days Are Getting Shorter Again...

Oh for the nice long days of summer. I am pining for them already. The days are getting to dark to fast. I am already feeling hurried to get up and get moving.

We returned from our Trip to Ky. about 2 and a half weeks ago. My how the time has flown. We ran full tilt unpacking and organizing right into and through Halloween. I thought I had entered some weird land of Cold that weekend. When we left Ky. it was 80 degrees. Halloween night I dressed for the 35 degree weather in long underwear, long pants, 3 shirts, coat, hat with ear flaps, and mittens.. I still froze.. goodness..

Then it was time to prepare for Voting. I'm a precinct Chairman in our area. Wow was I bowled over by the number who came out to vote. It was awesome.
We had almost 40% turn out, and that is awesome. I think we actually had more vote this time then voted in the Presidential election.

Zooming right along, at times it seems like at breakneck speed. We flew into the first weekend of Nov. and Daylight savings time. And here we are. The days are getting shorter. It's 5pm and the sun has set or is about to.

We are having our last look at some warm days this week. Highs in round 60 YES !! There are events starting to pile up on the calender. Thanksgiving plans are being made and my first Christmas shopping trip is scheduled for tomorrow.

Our local news announcer suggested we put the Christmas lights up this week. I asked husband if he would like to help me put up the lights. I got a stare and a grumph.. guess not.

I would like to think that things are winding down, but they aren't. They are just starting to wind up. The days getting shorter don't help me. They make me feel more rushed. I really need to start making some lists. Lists of gifts to buy, goodies to bake and for whom, lists of parties and dates. I'm getting my calender out right now. Time to seriously start those lists. The days are getting shorter you know..

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Few Interesting Fall Fotos

I love the photo above. Black Walnuts from our trees.

Funny how these benign looking items can be dangerous. The Walnut trees line our route to the outhouse. When the wind blows these become deadly missiles. I was hoping that none would hit me. Thank goodness nature called only when the wind was in a lull.

Most of the flowers were gone long ago. If you look to the right of the stump you will see a really cute kind of purple-ly weed. The stump is one from last year. Husband put a stump rotting solution on it. I thought it looked cool with the grey weather worn, old soul kind of look. I'm glad I got this picture this time. Husband plans to chop out the dead stumps on our next visit.

Last but not least, one of my favorite bushes. Crepe Myrtle. I love the variant shades of maroon and red. They really look great amongst the green that still lingers. Funny how in the midst of a terrible drought.. no rain here for over 2 months, I still found green and life...

I guess that's how it is with us humans too. Just about the time you are old, weather beaten, losing your color, and your leaves. Someone notices how special you are. They see how well you fit into your surroundings, and how easy you become part of the world.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Of Our Neighbors is green. and other stuff..

One of our neighbors is this cute (green with black spots) bug.

It has taken up residence in the last of our Pink rosebushes.
One of the things I love about fall here at our cabin is that most of the bugs have found a nice place to begin their winter nap, so they are few compared to other times of the year.

These are the other new neighbors.

Cows, Black Angus I think. I love cows. I especially love watching the new calves in the spring. They run and jump, buck and kick.. The ones above are way past calf stage, but they can run. We found that out when our dogs saw them for the first time the other day.. The girls ran barking and growling.The cows ran too. As you can see they were not to upset. just surprised by dogs that aren't usually there. I think the dogs were more scared of the cows.

This is the Outhouse.

We don't have indoor plumbing or running water, well not running water in the normal way. Our friends rigged up a pump and a garden hose and ran it through the back wall in the kitchen. They also put in a sink and a faucet where we can turn it on. I can say that we love that faucet. No more trips with the buckets to the cistern. Dear husband's first job of the day use to be filling two 5 gallon buckets of water. That wasn't to bad until it had to be hauled out the same way. LOL no drain. Thanks to the same friends we now have a drain so our used water can be poured right down the sink without fear of it flooding the floor if I forget to check the water level of the bucket.

This is the same Outhouse where we run this time of year. Literally!! We run and dodge the Walnuts that are falling throughout the day and night. It has been quite interesting. Usually when we come down for a visit it's closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas and the walnuts are all on the ground. Thank goodness for a Husband who is handy with a rake and wheelbarrow. The walnuts along with the hickory nuts are picked up and tossed in the gymnasium foundation. (check out the lower left side of the pic) Where the neighborhood squirrels find and use what they need through the winter and into the early spring.

This week we have lots going on. I love it.
  1. Birthday dinner of grilled steak, fried potatoes, white beans, cornbread, corn, and Giant Birthday cookie
  2. Cleaning up of flower beds, leaves (LOL) these have just begun to fall and we have at least a gazillion to begin raking.
  3. Walnuts to begin picking up.
  4. My Brother (whom I haven't seen since he was 16) is coming to spend 3 days with us.. whooo hoooo
  5. Cooking for my Brother and his family... visiting.... pictures etc.
  6. We are finally going to meet the wonderful woman who feeds our adopted grand-dog Brucie. I'll tell you all about Brucie in another post.
  7. A weekend full of Who Knows what.
  8. A Birthday party
  9. And more planned visits with friends.
Last but not least We have lots of time to sit on our front porch, drink big glasses of Ice Tea and just relax. Our favorite thing to do here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Year Can Make A difference...

A year can make a difference. A big difference. It's hard to believe all the changes that can take place in a year. We were finally able to make a trip to our little cabin in Ky. It's been a year since we've walked on this ground. A lot has happened.

  1. I'm a year older.
  2. Most of the trees and bushes we've planted are bigger.
  3. The house across that road has been bulldozed down, and most of the Trees that graced the lot are gone. All the Trees along the bank are gone. Not a bit of shade. I am especially glad now that hubby insisted we plant trees in the front of our place. The only shade around.
  4. The rose bushes grew away with themselves, along with other bushes that need to be trimmed. That's a job for the spring. Funny how missing that time in the spring of trimming and weeding makes such a big difference.
  5. 2 new babies have been added to our extended group of friends/family.
  6. I had 2 knee surgeries so my knee should be two times better.
  7. Our dear little grand-dog Brucie is fat as mud.
  8. Our hickory and walnut trees have made a great bunch of nuts. We are even now wrestling our neighborhood squirrels for them.
  9. A new rocker has been added to the porch.

Some things have not changed.
  1. Our friends still treat us like their parents. They set off bug bombs to kill a years worth of spiders, wasp, flys, and other assorted critters that took up residence in our cabin. They also clean everything up, made up the beds, hooked up our pump and garden hose so we'd have water in the house with a turn of the faucet. They plugged up the refrigerators to find that one was dead. They removed it and brought up an extra one. just like new. We are so blessed to have these special friends here.
  2. It's still quiet and peaceful
  3. The sunrises are still as breathtaking as the sunsets.
  4. I still have a few flowers including one rose bush that are still blooming.
  5. good friends, homemade biscuits and gravy, and coffee are still great first thing in the morning.
  6. We can sit on our porch and listen to the birds, bugs, frogs, and other creatures talk to us.
  7. A good tall glass of ice tea with lots of ice still hits the spot on a hot afternoon .

Below you will see a photo of some weed/flowers that were out by the old block/store building. these moth type things with 2 sets of wings on each side covered them. Really it was so cool to watch 20 or so of them flutter around from bloom to bloom.
I love our visits to our little cabin. We will be here for a bit. I have plenty to share with you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Week Of Busy~ness And Blessings...

The Last couple of weeks have been busy. Lot's of busy, All kinds of Busy.. But Fun Busy...

This is Brennan. I got to watch him this past week when his mom took big sister to her dance class. He is 6 weeks old now, but still looks like this. What fun to hold and feed such a little darling. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to take care of a little one. I think we should all get a turn every so often to remind us what a Miracle life is.

These are sisters. Deanna and Ally. This is a photo from Ally's Bridal shower, Deanna's Baby shower was just a couple of weeks later. What fun to celebrate two such wonderful events in the lives of such sweet girls. More Miracles to come for these two.

This is Ally and Stephen. They are now blissfully married and enjoying a wonderful honeymoon time together. Their week was very busy. Sister Deanna's baby decided to put in an early appearance. The family was hoping she would not be so impatient, and would appear in a couple of weeks at the appointed time. Nope, she came early. She and mom had a rough patch for a bit, but God provided more miracles and She, mommy, and daddy are doing well. The only hitch here, Is that Mommy was to be the matron of honor at the wedding (on Saturday) Sweet baby Raegan decided to appear Friday. hmmm what to do... calls were placed. Father of the bride tried on the Matron of honors dress, just in case, and alternate plans were flying. Web cams, and who knows what techno marvels were planned, set up, and actually worked.
The Day came and with all the busy~ness, and plans, and re~worked plans, the wedding took place. Busy~ness and Blessings abounded.

There were other things that happened this week too. A dear Church family member went home to be with the Lord.

The complete circle of life happened this week. A birth, A beginning, A parting. All in one week.
How comforting to know that God had it all under control.
I hope if you are experiencing a week that is busy you will also see The blessing.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Saturday Plan...

I just LOVE Maxine, I think and look like her more and more everyday!

I like to have a plan for each day. I make a list of one or two things I'd like to get done that day. I am not nearly as ambitious as my cousin Sharyn, or my dear friend Terry. They both have lists ! Real lists, on paper and everything. They are numbered, and the number goes to at least 10. If I can get one of my two things done I feel like I've really accomplished something.

Today was " defrost the fridge" Saturday. That was the plan. Then maybe do the dishes. I will admit it now. I am not a really good housekeeper. Oh, you probably wouldn't get any horrible disease in my home, but you will see dust, maybe some dirt from shoes on the linoleum, an un-scrubbed tub (still can't get down to scrub it good.. I try) and you will find dirty dishes. Don't get me wrong, I do them, just not everyday.

So today was Defrost day. You may wonder why I am defrosting a refrigerator, well let me tell you. below you will see my fridge. We are not sure how old it is. Hubby said it came with the house when he bought it in 1969. RCA-Whirlpool. Hmmm never knew they were together as a company. We figure our fridge was made in the 1950's. Here is the info. I found on the Internet.

For a long time, RCA, also known as the Radio Corporation of America, used the slogan 'The most trusted name in electronics.' Whirlpool licensed the RCA name and marketed RCA Whirlpool refrigerators from the late 1950s through the early 1990s. RCA Refrigerators are not longer manufactured.

Here is the Nameplate on the old girl.

the inside. The box on the top is the freezer.
She puts out a ton of cold air.
In the summer I find myself defrosting it twice a month.
My freshly defrosted fridge.
If you look at the left side you will
see a stick. I use it to prop up the shelf.
The plastic is so old, it has cracked and broken.
The shelves are all propped up with wood.
The drawer is where I keep the ice cube trays.

Crisper drawer on the bottom.
Metal shelves.
And it's very Wide and short.

So today I defrosted. I got a call from my friend Connie just as I was putting in the last of the items. K-Mart was having a big sale on all their summer clothes. Everything $2.99. I grabbed my jacket and headed out.

I found a few things for next summer. I came home, worked on my coupons, looked at some magazines, and watched two new shows. I decided to save the dishes for tomorrow. I'll do them in the afternoon after Church. We have a potluck. I'll probably take a nap first. LOL I love Sunday naps. Then I'll get those dishes washed. and admire my beautiful defrosted fridge.