Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh No I'm Pinning Again....

 I am trying to Pin again. I'm getting an error message saying that the request can not go through. I think the site may be down for maintenance or it's overrun with crazed women pinning EVERYTHING. 

I will admit it. I was one of those crazed women. I found Pinterest and thought it was cute. Then something happened and I found myself sitting for hours looking through pins and pinning. all of a sudden I went from 5 starting boards to over 70.. then from a dozen pins to hundreds. that was in about a 2-3 week span. I was overtaken by the pinning fever. I had it bad.

 At first I saw a few friends pinning. Then I had people pinning my pins. I had followers. I had pressure. People wanted to know what I was pinning. I had to pin. Goodness knows there were thousands of ideas to pin. Dog, Cats, Recipes, Holidays, favorite everything from colors to flowers to funny animals, and hairstyles. Clothes, Movie stars, Photographs of my home state and of Countries I want to visit and places I want to go. Furniture I'd love to have, and how to organize and clean everything. It was all right there. Waiting for me to pin it. Shoes, books, boats, doors, knobs, gardens, babies, crafts, it was all there waiting for me to pin it, and pass it on for other people to pin. 

I then started to notice some folks who were starting to get leery of Pinning, and that made me start to get leery.  I started myself to wonder if I really should be pinning things photographed by others. Even though I think they are beautiful and I want the world to know it. I wondered if it was somehow wrong. I know about copyright stuff. But having never had issues with it I never considered that maybe those cute things I was pinning or taking off the net were not mine to take. At first I poo pooed it. But then I started to wonder. Am I doing something wrong. I decided to delete most of my boards and begin again. This time being more careful. This time not pinning what I know, from my minimum experience, is a photograph. This time I am adding the sites where I find them. This time I'm going to be a little more careful. This time I wrote on my profile that if anyone found an image they own, to please let me know and I would remove it. This time I'm going to do more looking then pinning. 

I still have more boards then I need, but I'm trying to use more discretion. I will watch and see how this all goes and will delete the account if I need to. I love having a place to share the wonderful things I find. I love that I can see the wedding dresses and reception decorations that family and friends may be using this year. I love that I can pass on some favorite recipes and sites to others. I love looking, and don't tell anyone, but I sure love pinning too...  

I found the above image when I was looking for one to add to this post.. It is probably the truest one I've found yet. I'll be pinning for a while. If you pin let me know. I'd like to follow you.. I hope the legal issues are worked out. I love pinning.  :-} 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Patriot Guard Riders-Their Mission-Honor Our Nation's Heroes...

 I have had the privilege of watching and participating with the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) in our area for a couple of years. I was reminded again this morning when I read this, how very much I love them and their work. I was amazed that someone would ask who pays for all this. I guess I should remember there are people in this world who think everything has a price. I feel sorry for them because they don't really get the idea that some things are priceless.

The PGR I have known are Patriots in every sense of the word. Their only mission is to honor our Nations Heroes. They Stand silently at funeral homes and in Cemeteries. They escort our Heroes to their homes for parties, and to their final resting places. They give their own time and money because they know that the price has already been paid in full..
Thank you for sharing this on your page Shelley..

My thoughts from a few Patriot Guard Riders missions past, put on paper tonight. Enjoy: 

Who pays for this? I thought to myself as I was standing on the grassy knoll overlooking my comrades as they held the American flag to honor a fallen soldier, “what a beautiful day today God has given to us.” Then, I was approached by a person who asked, who pays for this? Who gets all these flags here, was tax money used? Where do all these people come from? Are my tax dollars used to pay for the gas of all you people? Who pays for these bikes when they breakdown? Are you using government money to fund those repairs? Who pays for all those patches you are wearing and t-shirts, and hats too? Why aren’t you at work? Who pays for you to be here? How much money are you making an hour, more than minimum wage? Huh? Are you retired? Do you get reimbursed? Who is paying for all these festivities? I want to know! I listened silently as I was standing on the grassy knoll overlooking my comrades as they held the American flag and salute a fallen soldier as this person asked me his rancid questions. So when he was done, I looked at him and pointed to the flag-draped coffin, and said, “He did”. I thought to myself as I was standing on the grassy knoll overlooking my comrades as they held the American flag to honor a fallen soldier and out of the corner of my eye I watched this person walk away speechless. “Yes, indeed, what a very beautiful day today God has given to us and this man for the freedom for us to do this honor”. No better way to have answered.......