Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh, No, Not Again....

Well, I did it again.. I hurt my knee.. I'm not sure how I did it.. or I should say, I know what I did, but don't know why my knee reacted so violently....

It all started as you know, if you have read my last few entries, with Knee surgery on the 6th of May... I just finished up physical therapy 2 weeks ago. A week ago we had some stuff at Church and I spent pretty much 3 days on my feet.. I over did it.. no one to blame but myself for not paying attention..

So my knee is all inflamed and swollen and hurts like crazy...
I rested it, Iced it and went on about my business..

This past Friday, I took a trip with the girls up to Midland to celebrate their mom's birthday... We had a great time.. ate at "Genghis Khan", had ice cream at the local DQ.. went grocery shopping and headed back to Sue's house...
My knee hurt, but nothing I couldn't deal with when I got back home.

I grabbed a couple bags of groceries and headed to the porch..
The steps are narrow and tilted.. I went to step up on the second step.. and whammmmo.. something popped behind my knee, something cracked like a shotgun going off.. and I was suddenly on the ground screaming in pain... not good.. not good at all..

The girls got me inside the house and on the bed... I was sure I was going to pass out.. but I didn't.. finally when I was able I sat up.. I discovered I couldn't put any weight on the leg at all...

after much discussion I decided the easiest way for me to get out to the truck was to crawl out.. quite a little show for the neighbors.. LOL and us..
I finally crawled my way out of the house and to the truck.. The girls got me up and in the passenger seat.. Sue drove us back down to the house..

My trip to the clinic.. revealed no breaks, and no major tears in the big ligaments that hold my leg together..
I have to follow up on Monday with my family Dr. most likely I have pulled some muscles and maybe injured a tendon or two...
I'm guessing I'll get a brace and will probably get more P.T. whoopee, not.. anyway.. I'm praising God I didn't break anything..

This time I'm going to lay around and do nothing.. like I'm suppose to.
hopefully it will only take a week or two to get my knee to a tolerable pain level.. good grief..

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Things I learned This Week...

I like learning New Things... I bet you do too.. Sometimes the New Things I learn are exciting. Sometimes they are Fun, and Sometimes they are a little Sad.

Saturday I learned some New Things..
  1. Sparkly pink "Hello Kitty" shoes DO NOT come in my size.. (humph)

2. I should have started looking for Stick Horses a few weeks ago. I procrastinated to long. I came home with one. I'm hoping to borrow a couple more... ( for Vacation Bible School)

3. Cowboys are not a readily available toy anymore. This one kind of bugs me. Our Theme for VBS this year "Is Saddle Back Ranch" Rounding up Questions, Driving home answers. I want cowboy/western theme stuff for our kickoff/pre-registration event and for my class. Alas Cowboys are no longer in style. I found plenty of Transforming, superhero, type heroes, but the Heroes of the West have rode off into the sunset.

I loved playing Cowboys... They were always good guys, they were always the winners, they always saved the day... Today the only thing I could find were some badges ( I got the last ones) and a few toy guns and holsters.

I understand the movement away from Cowboys. Especially when the only things available are guns, but I sure will miss them...

4. I really like graduation Open House Parties... This year was special for several reasons, but one reason was this week... This week Kayla, one of our Daughter's friends Daughter (did you catch that) graduated. It was weird. I just kept thinking all day.. There is no way 19 have past since Sue and Shelly graduated.. no way.. and no way has Kayla graduated... I was reminded several times that, Yes Way... Wow.. feeling old is creepy some days..

and finally:

5. One should NEVER try dancing on a knee that is 5 weeks out from Surgery. If one does, she will be in pain, and limping on Monday morning..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

P- is for Pennala's, Picnics, and Pictures...

"The Car Wash"
Oh My Goodness.. What a fabulous and fun-filled weekend full of Pennala's, Picnic's and Pictures. Some of you may know that I invited myself to Cousin Sharyn and Greg's home for a family graduation. I was so excited I couldn't even sleep. It's been years since I had seen most of the Pennala clan, for most at least 10. They are not all Pennala's, some are other Good, solid, Finn families... but all tie back to our Pennala roots.

With map in hand I traveled to Tormville, (not a town name) the place where My Torm's hang out. What a delight to finally meet cousin Sharyn and the kids. I had seen her at both of the Pennala reunions, but with all those people it's impossible to sit and have the kind of good long visit you need to get to know someone. Thankfully cuz Sharyn blogs so I've gotten to know her and the family well through her writings and photos. I had been so impressed by the "car wash" post that I was thrilled to see it was at the ready. The kids volunteered to show me how it worked, you can tell it was a sad chore, but they held up well as they showed me just how it was done.

"the land of sheer delight"
When Dad got home it was play time. Mom was fixing dinner and making the go withs. Daddy was grilling so he had a few minutes to give a good push. The look of total delight on Brian's face was priceless. I wish you could see it clearly. My digital is good, but movement is not well tolerated.
My other special treat, besides getting to stay in Tormville, was a visit from Cuz Cal. He came to share supper with us and visit. What a delight. I was immediately transformed into the
9 yr. old girl who thought my cousin Cal was the coolest cousin in the whole world.
We both easily recalled wonderful times I spent at their home, trips on the bus to the mall
(in Detroit) the carnival rides in the park, and listening to those New 45 records we would buy at the local music store. What fun. What wonderful memories.
We still laugh easily together. My heart was full of memories that night.. ones that had been forgotten but came flooding back. The visiting had to end, then it was time for bed.. or was it..
Wendy and I got to know each other.. Sharyn mentioned hearing us at 1:00 am and then again when she got up... I was to excited to sleep. so I dozed a while. I was delighted when Wendy woke up at 6:00am and we continued our gabbing.

Sharyn was on the set up committee for the Annual Sunday School Picnic (their Church has one each year) I remember as a young girl going to Church with my Papa and attending the picnic one year. Wow has it grown. Sharyn said they served 2000 through the line in about 40 minutes. It was an amazing site to behold. All those Pennala's, All those Finn's. It was just glorious.
There was a brief service before the Picnic began. It was a delight to hear all those voices Singing to our Lord. I was sitting next to cuz Paul and Enid. I was able to record their voices as they sang. It was precious. I frogged along for a bit too. I was kind of flemmy. Once my throat cleared I sang as loud as I could. It was grand.

The highlight of the day were the kid's races. Each of the age groups through age 14. lined up for a good race. Winners got a large box of candy. Each runner got a candy bag filled with treats.
The photo above was the highlight of the races. "The Candy Toss".. I was warned by several that I needed to move back. Suckers and other hard candy hit you in the head .. Wendy warned me that the suckers really hurt.. :-)
The rain held off until we were all safely on our way back to the house to prepare for the Graduation party. Poor tired Sharyn took a 5 minute nap.. literally.. only 5 minutes.. then she was up fixing us a bite to eat and finishing up her goodies for the party. Soon we were off again.

This is Malia, It was her Graduation party. I was so glad that she had invited me to come. She is the one who got the ball rolling. Sharyn suggested I make a weekend of it.. I'm so glad.
I stayed with Malia's folks a lot when I was a teenager. George was my other favorite Pennala Cousin. I had a huge crush on him. LOL Then he went and married that Becky.. and I loved her too.
Becky taught me how to make pannukakua, and noodles. She and George took me to the State Fair.. (I still have the program) Staying in their home was a joy. The biggest treat was when George would bring out his Guitar and sing. I miss Becky. I really missed her today. I know she was smiling down on her girls. I can't imagine how very proud she is of them all. I am comforted in knowing I will see her again in Heaven. It was a good day to remember her. A Very Good Day.

It wasn't long before George grabbed his guitar and sang for us. I ran back and forth from gabbing with the gals in the kitchen to listening to the playing and singing. Just wonderful.
To soon it was time to leave and get the kids in bed. I was so tired, but that good kind of tired. The kind you get from one of those, oh to few "perfect days". I had no trouble getting to sleep. It was a good, deep, and happy sleep.

The next morning I was wide awake at 6:30. That wonderful smell of coffee overtook me.
Soon enough I found these little ones scampering around the kitchen. One last picture of Wendy before she headed to school. Allen had left about an hour or so earlier... It was fun getting to know him a little better. He is a very talented young man.

With the new day started, Sharyn had already washed a couple loads of clothes and even had some on the line. We enjoyed our last cup of coffee and I headed back towards home.
I reminisced with myself about all the wonderful memories that had come to me during the weekend. Times with Uncle Ralph and Auntie Ellen (grandma and grandpa Pennala to most), overnights with Grace, Robert, and the kids, trips to the mall with Cal, Saunas, Skinny man meat, Pasties, donuts, playing the piano, Church, hymn singing, greeting of God's Peace, Pancakes, noodles, carnival rides, giggling with the girls (Pammy, Wendy, and Cindy), upstairs, blueberry picking, Richard's camp..... oh my, to many to tell.
All good, all wonderful, All fun..
Yes, this weekend was perfect... maybe not to the causual outsider.. but to me, Ya, it was perfect.. It was full of Pennala's, Picnic's, Pictures, and Memories....