Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Remembering the Victims, the families, the Fire Fighters, The Police Officers, The Pentagon Workers, The Airline Pilots and crews, The Passengers, The Known and Unknown Heroes of that Day. 

We stand Silently and Remember

We Pray for All our Fellow Countrymen who gave of themselves that day. 
We pray for those who have come after, 
and for Those who continue to keep America Strong and Safe. 

Today we remember our men and women of the Military. 
Those who are our Country's
"Watchmen On The Walls" 

We pray for them, and those who still feel the call of Service 
To Guard, To Defend, To Protect... 

Today we light a candle of Remembrance in our hearts and Pray 
that God will Bless our Nation. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Results Are In, It's Officially Fried...

This is NOT my happy face. Well, actually this is not my face at all. I would never wear a green and red stripped tie except at Christmas. 

This is what I know. The power supply was fried and the Motherboard was fried. The Tech guy aka: my girlfriend Cindy's Brother in law, is not sure what went first, But it is 
(big technical term coming here) 

I did have a second hard drive in the computer. One I've taken out of each one I've had since it's housed
all the photos I've taken from 2007 to date.  It had all the genealogy.. 
I just realized it had all the genealogy on it.. I had info. for over 100 Howe families on a file I had created. 

Kill me NOW

OK, I'm OK. I will quit shaking and crying someday.
For now I'm going to Pray that my friend Cindy can recover at least some of the files on that 2nd HD. 
I'm praying really hard about that. 

I have lost everything that was on the 1st HD as I said earlier. All the wedding photos, Anniversary photos and pictures I have gotten from folks on facebook are gone. 

Word to the Wise, BACKUP. Use something. Cindy's Brother in law has a dandy little set up that he can use to try and recover the files. It can also make the HD an external one. If It's not "hosed" I'm going to use it for that. I am also going to get an account at one of those "cloud storage" things. 
I'm reading about them now. Drop box is one of many. It's to important not to back Things up. 

I'm trying to be positive and not to broken hearted about the whole thing. 
I'm really starting to remember all the things I had stored on those hard drives. Amazing what important things I added never considering anything would happen. 

Back up 
My new catch phrase.. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It All Started With A New Monitor

Wow, To think it all started with a new computer monitor. My day was great. I got a new monitor. I hurried home from the super store with the new monitor and a song in my heart... 

I am not tech savvy in the least, but even I couldn't mess up unplugging a cord and plugging it in the new monitor. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy  Right ???  

I kind of lost the connecting thingy when it fell into the computer (desktop black hole of death) 
I just told you I don't know much about the tech part of computers, but I do know one thing for certain. 
You will die if you ever take the side of your computer off. 
or so I was told by my tech savvy friend "Karen" several years ago when I got my first computer. 

I think she told me that to make sure I would never open up the computer and start messing with stuff.
I never did. I know fear when I hear it. 

Well I did get that VGA plug thingy out and got it plugged in, or so I thought. I had to lay the 
tower down 3 times and work on connecting until it finally stayed put. 
got all my cords (about 97) unwound and I was ready to Rock it on my new monitor.. 


Nothing happened. I couldn't get the crazy thing to turn on.
I called my friend "Cindy" she had given me the computer and is real tech savvy.  
She even knows how to supe up stuff. She's like the hot rod Puter woman. 
She opened it up, pulled some stuff out, looked at other stuff, and tried to power it up. 

She made a call to her brother in law, he's gonna look at it and see if it's the power supply 
or a fried mother board. 
For now Cindy has loaned my another computer she had. Don't tell her, but I love it. 
Just like the other one. Hoped up and speeds along. I have my favorite programs on it already. 
I told her this afternoon. She looked shocked.. goodness I've had it for 24 hrs. I need to get things 
done. I need to Skype, and Pin, and play Mafia wars with my friends. 

I told her not to worry I'll take it all off when mine is fixed, or when I find a used one to purchase. 
I really hope she lets me keep this one. We are like best friends already. 

I did find this cool thing to do with the dead computers I have sitting around. 
Looks like fun. People's talents amaze me.. 

To catch you up: 
1. We had our Giant Huge Hoard Sale and it was a success. We got rid of a lot of things. We kept a few but most were sold or donated to our local Goodwill store. 

2. I'm now working, well not now, but as soon as it cools off a bit, I will be working on labeling all the boxes of keep stuff I have and organizing it on the back porch. I was going to open all the totes and try to put like things together. FORGET IT.  I shall look for large sticky labels and will just peek in the totes and get an idea of what is in there and write it on the label. hopefully I can list most of the contents. that should help with locating items when I need to find them. 

3. I have been given the OK to purchase 4 sets of identical sheer curtains to replace the purty black garbage bags we had hanging on those back windows. woot woot.. I can also purchase 2 shelving units or 2 pantry storage units and a table. the table will most likely hold assorted cooking items, like my crock pots, bread machine, mixer, roaster etc. I have a folding table I can keep at the ready for sewing and scrap booking now that I actually have a window I can set it up under. 

4. The shelves will hold my coupon stash. No worries, I don't have enough "stash" to be on any extreme couponing show. 

5. I no longer have a hoard pile so no fear of that show calling to come out and film.. Thank Goodness. 
I'm sure the grands will still think we have to much, But unlike our kids, they think all our old junk is really cool. Just like us..