Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Things You Can See At Wal-mart. And No, It's Not What You Think....

  I was at Wal-mart Thursday.. well actually I've been there the past 3 days in a row. I'm trying to get things stocked up. I'm trying to pick up some Christmas things. I have surgery next week and I need to get things ready for winter; well at least for fall. 

 I know what most people like to share those funny photos of people dressed all kinds of ways. This is not one of those posts. I wanted to share one of the most precious things I've ever seen. A look. 

I know, a look????  Ya, I've seen lots of looks at Wal-mart. You know those "get out of my way before I run you over with this cart" looks, "you want me to give you something to cry about" looks. Frustrated looks, quizzical looks. Yep, I've definitely seen a lot of looks, but never a look like this. A look of complete and total devotion. A look of deep love. A look at the time I wish I could have captured some way to give to them. They really didn't need it captured. I have a feeling they look at each other this way a lot.  

The woman was in a wheelchair. She was maybe in her middle to late 30's. I noticed the tubing almost immediately. I recognized it. It was the same kind of tubing my dad had when he was on a Ventilator. As I looked at her, I realized she was also on a Vent. A portable one. 

Next I saw the children, two of them I think, darting around the wheel chair looking at the racks that were within the area Dad approved as acceptable. Dad was picking out a few tops for mom and checking to see if they won her approval. 

Then I saw it. That look. I think I noticed it in his eyes first. Then I looked at her..  that look was the look of love, but even more then that. It was deep. It was a look of admiration, peace, love, security, passion, joy, and strength. It was a look of the deepest kind of love. You could not only see it, you could feel it. 

I almost felt like I was intruding on a very private moment. I turned back toward my destination, the grocery aisles. I thought of them as I walked.  I don't know all the details or the reason for the vent,  if they lived together, If he took care of her, or if she, like my dad, lived in a nursing home and could leave with a portable vent for outings. I didn't know but it really didn't make any difference. I took a few moments as I headed for the dairy aisle to pray for them. What a wonderful blessing to see, and to think I saw all that at Wal-mart.  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trying Again....

I'm Trying again. I had finally decided that I would get a hysterectomy. I decided last year, but then I kind of chickened out. The thought of surgery does not appeal to me. 

I decided this summer I would suck it up and have the surgery. Little did I know that things would not go as I had planned. 

Some of you know me well enough to know I'm kind of, sort of, a control freak. I plan. I really plan. I want to plan. I feel security in my planning. Maybe that's why God occasionally throws a kink in my plans. 

I had several kinks this summer. The Plan was for August 25th. The end of July I ended up in ER. spent the night and got the chance to have a colonoscopy. whoopie.. NOT

My surgeon wanted to make sure I was OK. Apparently while I'm sort of standing on my head (during the surgery) my intestines are shoved up by my tonsils. He wanted to make sure they wouldn't be all gnarly and pop down and surprise him while he was wielding the scalpel...  I agreed.  We got the okey doke so everything was on schedule for Aug. 25th, but I wasn't done with the ER yet. 

During the Stress test (which a Dr. I'd never seen before wanted me to have) I had some chest pain and back pain so off to the ER I went. Since this little problem occurred the day before said surgery it was cancelled. It was probably a good move. 

I thought I'd try for Sept.. 25th..  oh oh..  I had to have Cardiologist send clearance to said Surgeon..  apparently they don't want me having chest pain during surgery..  picky picky picky...  so we waited for that. 

Do you hear my fingernails clicking on the table... while I wait.  
I thought you would. It seems poor Surgeon, who has not had a sick day in over 4 yrs; got a bad case of stomach flu so surgeries had to be postponed and that was me included. 

By this time I know all my scheduled stuff is over pretty much. Any day is good now as long as I can make Thanksgiving dinner and pack my "special Marine" his big Christmas box.. and decorate for Christmas of course..  

Today I got my big packet of papers from the Hospital. My surgery has been scheduled for Oct. 2nd.  woo hooo..  I'm trying not to get to excited. I really just want it done and over with. I want to hurry through the worst part of it and get right to the feeling good part. 

I have a little extra time now. So I'm going to try and work in a few more things. I got all the winter sheets washed yesterday so they are ready for winter use. I've put away all the canning stuff. I'm hoping to get my living room carpet cleaned if my Sue can get a free day to come down and help me move furniture. She is a whiz at carpet cleaning.  Oh I almost forgot our New Chairs are coming around the 25th. I have my first recliner ever (In Michigan) coming. glad I'll have it before the surgery. 

Maybe God really did know what He was doing when He changed my plans. The great thing is I know He really does care enough about me that He has plans for me. I'm good with following His plans. They are always the best ones...