Monday, June 22, 2015

In Times Of Great Tragedy There Is A Difference....

In the Streets of Charleston there is a difference.. 

I don't see rioting though I know there could have been. 

I didn't see speeches full of hate. I was waiting for those to start.

I did see people... God's People.. Not just people who know there is a God, but People who have a deep relationship and Faith in God. People who because of their Faith in Christ showed the difference. 

People who are so deeply wounded, deeply grieving, and in pain that few of us can fathom.. these people stood at the arraignment hearing for the one who shot and killed 9 people who loved the Lord.. 9 people Who showed only kindness to the young gunman and welcomed him into their midst with love of Jesus Christ. 

The families of the victims stood at that hearing. 
They didn't spew hate. 
They stood in the midst of their pain with Forgiveness. 
They gave that forgiveness freely. 
They gave it through tears, pain, and grief. 

The difference in this horrible tragic time. 
God's people refusing to let the enemy Satan win a victory by seeking hate filled revenge. 
God's people praying, 
God's people standing for Love and unity. 
God's people who see no color, who see all people as created and loved by God.   

There is a Difference