Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Few Interesting Fall Fotos

I love the photo above. Black Walnuts from our trees.

Funny how these benign looking items can be dangerous. The Walnut trees line our route to the outhouse. When the wind blows these become deadly missiles. I was hoping that none would hit me. Thank goodness nature called only when the wind was in a lull.

Most of the flowers were gone long ago. If you look to the right of the stump you will see a really cute kind of purple-ly weed. The stump is one from last year. Husband put a stump rotting solution on it. I thought it looked cool with the grey weather worn, old soul kind of look. I'm glad I got this picture this time. Husband plans to chop out the dead stumps on our next visit.

Last but not least, one of my favorite bushes. Crepe Myrtle. I love the variant shades of maroon and red. They really look great amongst the green that still lingers. Funny how in the midst of a terrible drought.. no rain here for over 2 months, I still found green and life...

I guess that's how it is with us humans too. Just about the time you are old, weather beaten, losing your color, and your leaves. Someone notices how special you are. They see how well you fit into your surroundings, and how easy you become part of the world.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Of Our Neighbors is green. and other stuff..

One of our neighbors is this cute (green with black spots) bug.

It has taken up residence in the last of our Pink rosebushes.
One of the things I love about fall here at our cabin is that most of the bugs have found a nice place to begin their winter nap, so they are few compared to other times of the year.

These are the other new neighbors.

Cows, Black Angus I think. I love cows. I especially love watching the new calves in the spring. They run and jump, buck and kick.. The ones above are way past calf stage, but they can run. We found that out when our dogs saw them for the first time the other day.. The girls ran barking and growling.The cows ran too. As you can see they were not to upset. just surprised by dogs that aren't usually there. I think the dogs were more scared of the cows.

This is the Outhouse.

We don't have indoor plumbing or running water, well not running water in the normal way. Our friends rigged up a pump and a garden hose and ran it through the back wall in the kitchen. They also put in a sink and a faucet where we can turn it on. I can say that we love that faucet. No more trips with the buckets to the cistern. Dear husband's first job of the day use to be filling two 5 gallon buckets of water. That wasn't to bad until it had to be hauled out the same way. LOL no drain. Thanks to the same friends we now have a drain so our used water can be poured right down the sink without fear of it flooding the floor if I forget to check the water level of the bucket.

This is the same Outhouse where we run this time of year. Literally!! We run and dodge the Walnuts that are falling throughout the day and night. It has been quite interesting. Usually when we come down for a visit it's closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas and the walnuts are all on the ground. Thank goodness for a Husband who is handy with a rake and wheelbarrow. The walnuts along with the hickory nuts are picked up and tossed in the gymnasium foundation. (check out the lower left side of the pic) Where the neighborhood squirrels find and use what they need through the winter and into the early spring.

This week we have lots going on. I love it.
  1. Birthday dinner of grilled steak, fried potatoes, white beans, cornbread, corn, and Giant Birthday cookie
  2. Cleaning up of flower beds, leaves (LOL) these have just begun to fall and we have at least a gazillion to begin raking.
  3. Walnuts to begin picking up.
  4. My Brother (whom I haven't seen since he was 16) is coming to spend 3 days with us.. whooo hoooo
  5. Cooking for my Brother and his family... visiting.... pictures etc.
  6. We are finally going to meet the wonderful woman who feeds our adopted grand-dog Brucie. I'll tell you all about Brucie in another post.
  7. A weekend full of Who Knows what.
  8. A Birthday party
  9. And more planned visits with friends.
Last but not least We have lots of time to sit on our front porch, drink big glasses of Ice Tea and just relax. Our favorite thing to do here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Year Can Make A difference...

A year can make a difference. A big difference. It's hard to believe all the changes that can take place in a year. We were finally able to make a trip to our little cabin in Ky. It's been a year since we've walked on this ground. A lot has happened.

  1. I'm a year older.
  2. Most of the trees and bushes we've planted are bigger.
  3. The house across that road has been bulldozed down, and most of the Trees that graced the lot are gone. All the Trees along the bank are gone. Not a bit of shade. I am especially glad now that hubby insisted we plant trees in the front of our place. The only shade around.
  4. The rose bushes grew away with themselves, along with other bushes that need to be trimmed. That's a job for the spring. Funny how missing that time in the spring of trimming and weeding makes such a big difference.
  5. 2 new babies have been added to our extended group of friends/family.
  6. I had 2 knee surgeries so my knee should be two times better.
  7. Our dear little grand-dog Brucie is fat as mud.
  8. Our hickory and walnut trees have made a great bunch of nuts. We are even now wrestling our neighborhood squirrels for them.
  9. A new rocker has been added to the porch.

Some things have not changed.
  1. Our friends still treat us like their parents. They set off bug bombs to kill a years worth of spiders, wasp, flys, and other assorted critters that took up residence in our cabin. They also clean everything up, made up the beds, hooked up our pump and garden hose so we'd have water in the house with a turn of the faucet. They plugged up the refrigerators to find that one was dead. They removed it and brought up an extra one. just like new. We are so blessed to have these special friends here.
  2. It's still quiet and peaceful
  3. The sunrises are still as breathtaking as the sunsets.
  4. I still have a few flowers including one rose bush that are still blooming.
  5. good friends, homemade biscuits and gravy, and coffee are still great first thing in the morning.
  6. We can sit on our porch and listen to the birds, bugs, frogs, and other creatures talk to us.
  7. A good tall glass of ice tea with lots of ice still hits the spot on a hot afternoon .

Below you will see a photo of some weed/flowers that were out by the old block/store building. these moth type things with 2 sets of wings on each side covered them. Really it was so cool to watch 20 or so of them flutter around from bloom to bloom.
I love our visits to our little cabin. We will be here for a bit. I have plenty to share with you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Week Of Busy~ness And Blessings...

The Last couple of weeks have been busy. Lot's of busy, All kinds of Busy.. But Fun Busy...

This is Brennan. I got to watch him this past week when his mom took big sister to her dance class. He is 6 weeks old now, but still looks like this. What fun to hold and feed such a little darling. It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to take care of a little one. I think we should all get a turn every so often to remind us what a Miracle life is.

These are sisters. Deanna and Ally. This is a photo from Ally's Bridal shower, Deanna's Baby shower was just a couple of weeks later. What fun to celebrate two such wonderful events in the lives of such sweet girls. More Miracles to come for these two.

This is Ally and Stephen. They are now blissfully married and enjoying a wonderful honeymoon time together. Their week was very busy. Sister Deanna's baby decided to put in an early appearance. The family was hoping she would not be so impatient, and would appear in a couple of weeks at the appointed time. Nope, she came early. She and mom had a rough patch for a bit, but God provided more miracles and She, mommy, and daddy are doing well. The only hitch here, Is that Mommy was to be the matron of honor at the wedding (on Saturday) Sweet baby Raegan decided to appear Friday. hmmm what to do... calls were placed. Father of the bride tried on the Matron of honors dress, just in case, and alternate plans were flying. Web cams, and who knows what techno marvels were planned, set up, and actually worked.
The Day came and with all the busy~ness, and plans, and re~worked plans, the wedding took place. Busy~ness and Blessings abounded.

There were other things that happened this week too. A dear Church family member went home to be with the Lord.

The complete circle of life happened this week. A birth, A beginning, A parting. All in one week.
How comforting to know that God had it all under control.
I hope if you are experiencing a week that is busy you will also see The blessing.