Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!!!! The day has finally arrived. I'm still waiting for my dear husband to awake and see what Santa brought. Yes, Santa still visits our home every year.. It's a little different now that our children are grown, but he comes just the same. Everyone here including Rosey, and Sissy (the two dogs) and Sylvester (our cat) get a gift.. If you spend the night on Christmas Eve at our house. Santa will leave you a gift..
Our Tree is lit, the food is all made, and yes, I still have some dishes to do before starting on the dinner for this afternoon.. all is well.. just a little quiet.. I really do love everything about the Christmas, the shopping, decorating, cooking and baking, even the wrapping.. but I really love the noise of it.. the sound.. the joy that fills the air with the singing of Carols, the bell ringer at the local stores and malls.. the oohs and ahhhhh's of delighted gift openers, and the squeals of excitement and laughter as a child see's that Santa made a stop at their house. I love the sound of wrapping paper ripping.. and laughter.. I love the sounds of Christmas..
Right now our house is quiet.. only two of us and the animals.. I'm the only one awake.. it is silent.. I love the silence too.. it reminds me of my Papa's favorite Christmas Carol/hymn.. Silent night.. (Silent Night... Holy night.. all is calm all is bright..) my house is calm and bright.. soon enough the sounds will start.. water running for dishes, pans banging as the ham and baked beans are prepped and readied for baking.. Christmas music wafting through the house.. tables being put up, and chairs being hauled in... front doors opening and kids traipsing with boots, boxes, and bags yelling Merry Christmas Grandma... there will be those highly anticipated phone calls from loved ones far away.. then there will be yelling out from the back room where the ps2 sits poised for any and all players of action packed thrill games.. there will be the sounds of Christmas movies, and discussions about going to the movies after dinner if the roads aren't bad.. yes, the sounds are Christmas are wonderful.. I'm resting now.. getting ready for the day.. full of sounds, laughter, Joy, Love, family, and friends.. But for right now.. I'm singing my Papa's favorite Christmas carol ... Silent night.. Holy night.. all is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin, mother and child, Holy infant so tender and mild, Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace..
Thank you God for that Silent, Holy, Night.. thank you for the First, and the Best Christmas gift.. Thank you for the sounds, the sights, the Mayhem that accompanies Christmas ... Thank you for the Love you showed us on that Silent Holy night long ago..
Merry Christmas to you and to your family...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today I Remembered Why I Love Christmas...

Today I finally slowed down for a few minutes.. well, to be honest, I slowed down for the day.. Today I again remembered why I LOVE Christmas. This seems to happen every year. Some years I remember sooner.. some years later.. but This year it was today.. or rather it was yesterday.. Sunday.. the day of our Christmas/Worship service at Church. There will be a Christmas eve service.. I really want to try and be there, but the Sunday before Christmas is usually the only Christmas service I get to attend. We have husbands family Party on Christmas eve..

OK, back to why I Love Christmas... It's all about that Baby.. 

 This year I got busy.. seems like I got busy way back in October, and just got all busy with preparations for Christmas.. goodness knows WE MUST PREPARE... and being the woman/mom/wife/preparer... it is my job to get the lists going.. lists of who wants what for Christmas, when are we gathering, where are we gathering, lists of friends and family and gifts we want to buy or make for them, lists of parties, and outings, class get-togethers, and meetings.. lists of food to buy, food to cook, food to bake, and take..

 then there is the actual going out and buying the gifts, wrapping, and oh my goodness decorating,, but first there is the cleaning.. then decorating.. Where to put the stuff that must be moved... how do I accommodate 10 people for dinner at the table that seats 4... who works, what time?.. 

then there are the birthdays.. more gifts, boxes, bags..what restaurant are we going to, then there are all the things I want to do for others.. the good things, the wonderful things.. there are Christmas clothes to get ready.. Preparation..

Then there are the things we can't prepare for... some good, some not so good.. stress, illness, surprise gatherings, forgotten meetings, family turmoil, short bouts of grief for those no longer with us, forgotten ingredients, menu changes, gathering changes, and not enough hours in the day..

There always seems to be so much I want to do.. so many activities I want to participate in that just don't work out.. I want to start making beautiful Christmas gifts in January.. and have them done in Nov.. stuff like homemade Christmas stockings for each grandchild. I managed to get one done out of the 5 I have always wanted to do.. there would be quilts for each child and grandchild.. (I'm still working on the quilt that our youngest daughter was getting for graduation.. she is 36.. oops)

I want to cross stitch wonderful things for each friends walls.. take awesome pictures and make everyone a 12 month calender with a beautiful photo on each month.. 
(I didn't even manage a photo Christmas card this year) 

 I want to have 100 Christmas shoe boxes done for Samaritans' Purse "Christmas shoe box program"..(I did 2) I want to give $500 to Missions work, and the Salvation Army.. (I gave what I could when I could) 

 I want my house to look like a Christmas wonderland, and smell like one too..
 (it looks and smells, but I'm not quite sure like what) 

 I want the perfect tree and the presents under it to be perfectly wrapped with bows I make myself.. (I'm seriously thinking at this point about just tossing each gift in a wal-mart bag and calling it good)

 I want to show up to every party I wish to attend perfectly primped and dressed to the 9's... 

(I noticed at Church yesterday morning that my black pants looked like I'd rolled in lint.. and my really cool Christmas knitted vest has loose strings.. loose strings should NEVER be cut on a knitted vest.. cause when you get home you are unraveling)..

 I was unraveling.. I do it every year..

My stuff, My plans, just never seem to work out.. I try.. I really do.. and I do get a lot of things done. Oh my, I just noticed my Christmas soap dispensers are sitting on the back porch.. I can see them from here.. oh well... see, Not prepared... how will life go on with no Santa soap dispenser in the bathroom... ??????

So you see while making lists, and trying to Prepare for Christmas.. I just end up getting unraveled.. I'm still missing the Miracle whip after 85 trips last week to the grocery store.. I am still short on a gift or two.. and am going to rob Peter to make Paul happy.. A family turmoil is in the works and I'm trying to figure out how I will handle it with Love, patience, and forgiveness.. I'm unraveling.. rather quickly these last few days.
So when I got to Church yesterday.. Sunday.. the day of Christmas music and special Worship.. (I sing in the Choir and we were participating in a mini Christmas musical program) I was linty and unraveling... physically and mentally..

then I remembered, as I sang, just why I LOVE Christmas..

It's that Baby... It's Jesus.. It's all about Him... It's ALL about celebrating the birth of My Savior.. My King, My Redeemer, My Deliverer, My Rock, My Provider, My Firm Foundation, My Source, My Comfort, My Joy, My Peace... It's ALL about that Baby...

Today.. my list is still full of things to do.. I may get them all done, probably not.. but it's OK.. cause yesterday I remembered that Christmas is NOT about gifts, boxes, bags, dinners, meetings, gatherings, parties, decorations, or Clothes.. It's ALL about the BABY JESUS...

Yesterday, I remembered.. and relaxed.. I read the paper, watched my Favorite Christmas movie, ate some Popcorn and recalled the morning Worship Service.. I remembered my favorite thing about Christmas is Jesus.. 

 so my gift to you dear reader, Is Jesus.. cause when we take away all the stuff... there would be No Christmas without Jesus.

For There is born to you this day, in the city of David
a Savior who is Christ The Lord. Luke 2:11
She shall bring forth a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.
For He shall save his people from their sins. Matthew 1:21

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today's Recipe Request: French Toast Bake

French Toast Bake
I have only made this recipe a couple of times. It's very good and sweet. It doesn't need to have syrup. I have found that in the 3qt oval corningware casserole dish I make it in, I can add a full loaf of bread. (this makes sure all the egg mixture is absorbed) Then when baking it, watch the sides and bottom. They seem to brown much faster. While the top stays gooey for a long time. You may want to adjust your oven temp. to 350 and cook longer. Remember that This is not done until the top is firm when shaken. Enjoy !!!
Preheat the oven 400... grease a 9 x 13 cake pan or a 3 qt. casserole dish.
12- Slices of day old bread cubed
(this is a great recipe for Texas toast bread or any thick bread, I would fill the pan you are using with bread since all the egg mixture needs to be absorbed)
5- large eggs beaten
2- 1/2 cups milk
1- cup brown sugar divided
1- teaspoon vanilla
1/2- teaspoon nutmeg
1/4- cup butter melted
2- cups blueberries (optional)
  1. Cube the bread and place in a greased pan or casserole dish.
  2. mix together well the beaten eggs, milk, 3/4- cup brown sugar, vanilla and nutmeg.
  3. pour this mixture over the bread. try to cover as much of the bread while pouring as you can.
  4. cover and refrigerate overnight.
  5. remove from the fridge 30 minutes before baking
  6. combine: 1/4 cup of melted butter and 1/4 cup brown sugar
  7. drizzle the butter/brown sugar mixture over the top of the bread.

Bake at 400 about 25-35 minutes or until no longer gooey looking.


May Add the Optional Blueberries now, sprinkle over the top and bake another 10 minutes. A good way to check for doneness is to take a fork and fold back the top, if it's still doughy looking it needs to cook a little longer..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time To Make Some Christmas Cookies...

this photo is of My favorite Cookie making bowl.. My parents had it long before I came along. whenever it was cookie making day, mom would take out this old bowl and we knew cookies were coming..

Oh My Yes.... It's Time to Make Some Christmas cookies.. The other day I read a post that asked about your favorite Christmas cookie.. I loved the answer of one person who stated" I love the ones with sprinkles and icing, and nuts, and raisins, and chocolate... oh I love them All " LOL my sentiments exactly.. I love them all.. the simple sugar cookies, to the fancy, takes half a day to shape them, cookies.. I thought I would share one of my favorite Christmas cookie recipes with you today.. I love them.. I started making them as a young girl at home.. they are my husbands favorites.. I won't make them today. I still have way to much stuff that needs to be finished today.. but this weekend.. Yes, this weekend the pots and pans, bowls and beaters, will come out.. the counter will be layered with chocolate chips, maraschino cherries, flour, sugar, measuring cups and spoon... with nuts, and all forms of cookie type decorations.. This weekend will start my Cookie baking... the big ones, small ones.. the bars, and stars.. the dipped in chocolate, rolled in powdered sugar ones.. then the candy making will start.. but wait.. we'll leave that for another day.. today I'm thinking Cookies.... warm out of the oven.. Cookies...
My husbands favorite..

Cherry Winks:
preheat oven 375..
  • 2 - 1/2 cups sifted flour.. I use self rising.. (if you use self rising you may omit the baking powder, baking soda, and the salt.)
  • 1- tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 - tsp. baking soda
  • 1/2- tsp. salt
  • 3/4- cup softened butter (margarine is fine)
  • 1- cup white sugar
  • 2- eggs-beaten
  • 2- Tablespoons milk
  • 1- tsp. vanilla
  • 1- cup chopped walnuts
  • 1- cup finely chopped and pitted dates (optional)
  • 1/3- cup finely chopped maraschino cherries
  • 2- 1/2- cups of corn flakes crushed
  • 12- maraschino cherries cut into quarters.

Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a bowl and Set aside.. in a large bowl blend butter, sugar. add eggs and stir well. Stir in the milk and vanilla. add the dry ingredients and mix, then add the nuts, chopped dates, and chopped cherries and mix well.

Crush the Corn flakes.. I do it in a Ziploc gallon bag and use a rolling pin.. make sure they are crushed. then pour them in a bowl.

shape the dough into balls and roll in the crushed corn flakes. place on a greased baking sheet. then place 1/4 cherry piece on the top of each cookie.

bake at 375 for about 12 minutes or until the cookies are a light golden brown. remove to a cooling rack to cool completely. store in an airtight container. if you have trouble removing the cookies from the sheet, allow them to cool for a couple of minutes then try again.

take two warm cookies, get a big glass of cold milk.. and enjoy..

Merry Christmas.. Let's make some Cookies...

Today We Should All Hold A Hand....

I just had to share this photo with you.. I won't tell you who this is, or where it is.. but how precious is this. I think far to often in the last few years the only news on the two war fronts is filled with the negative. I Know that "Bad" news sells.. It's what makes folks tune in.. A celebrity is found immersed in a scandal, Some big time banking executive is found to have embezzled millions from clients.. A group of Americans are arrested in Pakistan after they are caught meeting with known terrorists.. Frankly I'm so tired of it.. Listening to News of withdrawal and then troop surges.. the listing of those who were killed by IED's, another bomb set off in a market or mosque. As some of you know, I've been a member of a Troop Support group in our area for the past 6 1/2 years.. I have read letters and heard Troop after Troop tell me about all the GOOD things we are doing and accomplishing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Did you hear me.. Good Things !!! Schools rebuilt and used again.. Dr.'s with real offices that are stocked with medical supplies, villages that are once again free of radical leaders and snipers, places where the infrastructure of the area has been restored.. electricity that works, water that runs.. etc... Good things.. Don't worry they won't clutter up your morning paper, or your favorite TV news channel.. They won't be mentioned.. They aren't BAD enough.. they aren't Negative enough.. They don't fit into the liberal media's idea of news.. (OK, let me say it, I know all news agency's are not liberal and liberal is not necessarily bad, I'm just making an observation of what I've seen.) You will never see this photo or any like it.. You will never hear the story about the Iraqi dad who ran his bleeding son to a security checkpoint, facing guns, falling to his knees as he hands his son to strangers.. knowing they will take care of him and at the same time not knowing if he will see him again or where he will be taken, just trusting in the good of the Americans he has met... you won't see those Soldiers acting like the child is their own, racing him to a helicopter where he will be transported to a medical facility that will save his life.. you won't hear about the soldiers who return to that same spot, find dad and take him the 3 hours to where his son is..and you won't hear about those who made sure there was an interpretur at the hospital who could translate all the Dr. had to say to an anxious father. (it was his only son) you won't see the stories of the Troops that stand in line for hours when they hear blood donations are needed, you won't see them sharing toys and candy with the local children.. you won't see them making calls back home asking for special heart surgery for a young boy.. or facial surgery a young girl. Nope you won't see those pictures.. But you will see this one.. This precious picture.. this picture of a Troop.. holding hands with a young child.. like he has done countless times with his parents, or siblings, or even his own children.. Holding hands, showing caring, kindness, gentleness, Mercy, compassion.. these good things, you won't ever see them on the news.. Maybe someday.. someday when we all decide that Good News does play well. Someday when we all decide that Good is what we want to hear and see.. what we want to know about.. We will no longer desire to see the evil man can do.. but will look to see the good... maybe someday we will see the good because we will all finally acknowledge the good in ourselves.. Let's start today.. find someone, hold their hand.. show them kindness.. gentleness, mercy and compassion.. Today.. hold a hand.. and remember something good..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December already??? How Did That Happen

It's December Already???? How did that Happen? Hey, it was just August a few minutes ago. August I say.. and I was warm and the flowers were pretty, and the fan was great, and the birds sang, and the Cotton sheets were comfy.. and the BBQ grill with slabs of ribs was smoking.. So how in the world did I wake up to December? I have done the major cleaning, decorated our front porch with lights and a snowman, prepared and served Thanksgiving dinner, made fudge for my adopted Troops, gotten out the Christmas cards, and swapped out all my summer duds for winter ones.. But December? already.. Where did the time go? There is so much to do.. I did go shopping on BLACK Friday. (that's not happening again) but I'm just not ready for December.. I have to bake cookies, and dig out the Christmas decorations, then I have to put those decorations up.. I have to shop... for everyone! oh I have finished up a person or two.. but I still have lots to do. Then there is Christmas dinner to plan. Church events, like the Brunch Saturday, to prepare for. I'm decorating a Table with my Christmas china and a tree.. I may forgo the tree.. I still have to dig out my china, napkins, and tablecloth.. iron them, and oh yes, the napkin holders.. yep.. I have to get busy.. Then there are the December birthdays.. all of them... let's see oldest daughter, two grandsons, a couple of Aunts, cousin, nieces, best friend... goodness.. who has their kids in December and around Christmas to boot? There is still salt to be purchased for the driveway and the porch.. snow shovels to dig out.. hey where are my boots? I ordered some of those cool strap things with metal spikes in them that you can strap on your shoes/boots so you can walk on the ice. My biggest fear in the winter.. is falling.. yep, December=Winter. I'm not ready.. my mind and heart are still sitting in August.. warm breezes, deer in our field, Car rides with the windows rolled down. Well it's time to switch gears, to get out the old winter coat, gloves, mittens, hat, fur hat, face coverings, snowmobile suit, and boots. It's time to bake cookies, and make fudge and peanut brittle.. it's time to start watching all my favorite Christmas movies (I did so Sunday) and play all my favorite Christmas music (been doing that since before Thanksgiving) .. yep, Christmas is my favorite time.. I love the lights, tree, decorations, music, food, hearing from loved ones.. I just wasn't ready for it to be December.. not yet... but now that it's here.. Welcome!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving
wow, another Thanksgiving.. another chance to think on some things I'm thankful for.. did you ever notice how many little things we all take for granted.. how many big things, normal things, special things, we just don't think about in our busy lives with our hectic schedules.. I know I take way to many things for granted.. I don't take time to think on things as often as I should.. I am doing better.. I think that part comes with age.. as we get older we start to lose things and we learn what matters and what things are really not as important as we thought they were.. there are days when I can't thank God enough for all He has given me.. then, there are those days when all I can do is be irritated.. at everything.. nothing goes right... or everything goes right and I never consider for a moment what I should be thankful for..
I'm going to try and be more thankful... I think Oprah calls it an attitude of gratitude.. I had a gratitude journal one year.. I had to write down 5 things every day I was thankful for.. it made me notice things.. some days I could find 10 things.. other days 5 pressed my brain..
today I'm thankful for some things that are especially precious to me.. Grandchildren.. OK, so it's something anyone with grandkids would tell you.. hey, they are so much more fun then the kids.. don't get me wrong.. the kids are cool too and I'm so thankful for them.. especially the youngest one who spent hours over here this past week helping me do "deep and thorough cleaning"... No, I'm thankful today for grandkids.. the ones who call at 9pm wanting a ride home from work cause it's raining.. the ones who call me maamaw and call me from Ky. wanting to know " when ya'll coming home"... the ones who ask soooo sweetly if I can make some cinnamon rolls.. the homemade ones.. and can I make them really big... the ones who tell me they want a boyfriend with a mustang and a mustache for Christmas.. the ones who runs through the living room yelling love you grandma, bye... the ones who hug my neck... the who know that we are always here, will always love them, will always have a place to sleep and a hot meal to fill their bellies.. today I am thankful for The one that almost didn't make it.. the one I held in the neo-natal intensive care unit.. and begged God to save.. the one who doctors said would never be "right".. lack of oxygen cause brain damage... He's perfect.. I'm thankful for the one.. who came to his mom with no husband.. who writes songs with the heart of an old soul.. I'm thankful for the one who is tough, but quiet.. who is loving and giving.. I'm thankful for the only girl who makes me smile with not only her outward beauty, but with her inward beauty as well.. I'm thankful for the one who is smart I think he will be an inventor, or a great writer.. or some such thing.. he has a gentle heart and a kind spirit.. I'm thankful for the one who makes me laugh.. who always has a smile... I'm thankful for the one who rides dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, and wears duck boots.. I'm thankful for the one that loves purses and shoes and shopping... Yes, I'm thankful today for my grandchildren..
I'm thankful today for my Husband.. those of you who know us know that some days it's really difficult to be thankful for him... LOL some days I would like him to take a trip, a long one... then I remember the time I went on vacation with our youngest daughter and had to call him every night.. cause we had never been apart.. I cried the first night.. I can't bear to be without him.. I depend on him.. feel secure and safe with him... I trust him.. with every part of my heart... he is my soul mate.. my beloved.. and he can make a mean pan of fried rice...
I'm thankful for My Salvation and My God... I'm thankful for His love, mercy, forgiveness, guidance, comfort, peace, etc.. He is the reason I exist.. He is my all in all.
I'm thankful for lots of other stuff too.. family all of you!!!!!, friends those who are especially close and those who are special to me in lots of ways.. Church family.. I can always count on them for prayer and for friendship. I'm thankful for health, computers, grass, blue skies, sun, heat, flowers, trees, dogs, cats, animals in general... (grin) I'm thankful for keys, cars, roads, phones, candy, chocolate, carbonated beverages, water, washers and dryers, well pumps, toilets, tractors, chairs, Christmas, Christmas decoration, lights, and music... I'm so thankful for music and dancing, jokes, TV.. cookies, pie, turkey, dressing... trenary toast, Finns, flags, our Military, doctors, nurses, medicine, chemo, I'm thankful for turtles, birds, boats, flea-markets, garage sales.. I'm thankful for smells, memories, TV movies, Thursday night dramas, organ music, pianos, bubble baths, shopping.... buckets, wheelbarrows, garbage bags, ziplocks, bowls, refrigerators, freezers, window screens... I'm thankful for propane, gravel, snow blowers, lights, antiques, folding tables and chairs, picnic tables, grills, charcoal, towels, flannel sheets, comforters, and quilts..
Yep, today I'll spend thinking on all the things I'm thankful for, while I do the prep work for Thanksgiving Day.. I'll be to busy on Thanksgiving.. cooking, visiting, eating, watching movies, making calls to family and friends out of State, and washing dishes to think of all the things I'm thankful for.. I think I'm going to keep a gratitude journal again.. I want to make sure I notice all the stuff I can be thankful for every day.. I don't want to get to busy to notice.. I want to be thankful for all of it... the small things, the big things.. I want to be thankful..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Thoughts from Myself and Others....

Random Thoughts from Myself and Others:
These random thoughts were sent to me in an email today.. I like 'em..

Top 20 Countdown of Random Thoughts…
1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die.
2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.
3. I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger.
4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
5. How the heck are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?
6. Was learning cursive really necessary?
7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on #5. I'm pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.
8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.
9. I can't remember the last time I wasn't at least kind of tired.
10. Bad decisions make good stories.
11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren't going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.
12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don't want to have to restart my collection...again. (AMEN!)
13. I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page research paper that I swear I did not make any changes to.
14. "Do not machine wash or tumble dry" means I will never wash this -- ever..
15. I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Dagone it!), but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and goes to voicemail. What'd you do after I didn't answer? Drop the phone and run away?
16. I hate leaving my house confident and looking good and then not seeing anyone of importance the entire day. What a waste
17. I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.
18. My 4-year old son asked me in the car the other day "Dad what would happen if you ran over a ninja?" How do I respond to that?
19. I think the freezer deserves a light as well..
20. I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Miller Lites than Kay.

My Very Own Random Thoughts...
Today, (sigh) I got Nothing...
how about you?????

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick Apple Dumplings

I had a chance to make another Apple dish to take to a dear friend's Birthday party this past weekend.. I love apples this time of year.. they are fresh, crisp... and oh so tasty.. they are all fall-ish and yummmy..
here is the recipe.. you may want to research other variations of this on the net.. I found one that used pecans and orange juice..
Enjoy !!!!

Quick Apple Dumplings....

Preheat oven to 350'.

2- tubes of refrigerator crescent rolls

2- large apples, some folks like Granny Smith, I prefer Gala, peel, core and cut into 8 slices..

2- Sticks butter or Margarine

1- 1/2 ( one and a half ) - Cups White Sugar

1- teaspoon cinnamon.. I use cinnamon sugar...

1- can of Sprite or Mountain Dew

Pinch of Salt

1- teaspoon vanilla

cut the apples into 8 slices, separate the crescent rolls. Roll up one apple slice in each crescent roll starting at the wide end, seal edges. Place in a "sprayed" 9 x 13 cake pan side by side. sprinkle cinnamon over the top of the rolls. I sprinkle the cinnamon sugar here... In a saucepan melt 2 sticks of butter, add the sugar. stir just till sugar melts. (should look grainy) remove from heat, add vanilla and salt.. stir.. pour over the rolls in the pan.. pour 1 can of pop over the rolls, then bake 30-45 minutes till the crescents are golden brown and crusty.. may serve with Ice Cream.. I always pour the extra sauce into a serving bowl after removing the rolls from the oven.. I find that leaving the sauce in the pan sometimes makes the bottoms of the rolls soggy.. you can spoon the excess sauce over the dumplings and or over the ice cream you serve with them..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Help Me, My Facebook Page Will Not Work

Oh My Goodness, I'm having a meltdown.. well, not really, but I'd sure like to .... You May be asking yourself " What Vile, horrible, despicable event could cause me to want to throw a tantrum of epic proportions.." Well, I'll tell you.. It has been a week since I could get my facebook page to load properly. Oh, it will load, and I can read the feed wall.. but I can't post any comments, tell anyone what I'm doing, play mafia wars, farmville, post notes, etc.. I am at a loss.. I have gotten use to posting stuff on my fb page. let me explain.. so many of my friends, family, and Church family are on fb, it's easier and quicker for me to contact them through facebook. I just post whatever and they all see it.. how cool is that.. much quicker then emailing. I don't have emails for all my friends on facebook.. I don't need them.. I just post what I want them to know... and they know... Well, not any more.. now I'm sitting and wondering who and what I need to email to people.. egad.. I don't know if I remember how to email.. And let's not even talk about my mafia wars game.. I'm loosing out on special loot items, jobs, etc.. cause the page won't load.. oh, I can look at the page... but it won't let me click on anything or do anything.. And don't even get me started on farmville.. my crops are rotten.. my animals are probably all dead, and well, It's just to sad to speak about...

I remember a life before facebook, before myspace (which I gave up on cause the pages took so long to load), before email, before text messaging, before computers. I was fine, I was rational, I was a normal person.. If you told me to google, I would have thought you wanted me to look really hard at something... LOL But now, I'm hooked.. I want to know what all my FRIENDS are up to, I want to jet off to Moscow and do some jobs and get some loot.. I want to harvest my avocados, plums, bananas, and gather the feathers off my ducks.. I want to let you know I am eating sloppy joes for supper..

So for now, I'll just quietly meltdown.. I'll try to figure out why I can't get the crazy thing to work.. I've cleaned out my cookies, rebooted a billion times, I've even changed my password... all to no avail.. if you have any suggestions as to how I may regain my sanity and get my facebook to work again.. feel free to email me... wait.. email.. what is my email address...egad.. just post a comment... I'll be checking... I'll be hoping that you know how to help me function again as a normal fb person..

for now, I will play jungle jewels, the only game I can get to load on fb.. I'll check my feed wall and will see all the fun things my friends are doing.. though I won't be able to wish them happy birthday, cute pictures, congrats on your new baby, home, or job... No, me, I'll be watching tv, reading, and trying to remember how to email folks again...

Friday, October 2, 2009

As Fall begins to sneak in.. I am ready to make some great fall food. One of my favorites I fixed last night for supper.. Pork chops with Apples.. we also had macaroni and cheese, green peas, white beans, cornbread, and apple crisp.
thought I would share the pork chop recipe.

Pork Chops and Apples:
6- Pork chops.. any kind you prefer.. I had some really big ones and a few smaller
3- 4 unpeeled Apples, they need to be cored and sliced. I used Gala
1/4 cup brown sugar packed
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
2- Tablespoon Butter
Heat oven to 350 degrees, Brown the pork chops then set aside. Place the apple slices in a greased baking dish. In a small bowl combine the brown sugar and cinnamon. sprinkle the sugar mixture over the apples. dot with butter. Top with the browned pork chops. cover. (I use a large glass casserole covered with foil)
and bake for 1 hour.

Monday, September 28, 2009

the Last Of The Flowers

These are the last holdouts before the frost hits. It will be in the 40's this week, so no fear of their demise yet. My last rose bud bloomed last week. The flower stayed out one day... They will be a welcome site next spring. The bud above is a "moon flower" vine. you can see what the open flower looks like below. When I purchased it I was thinking of the moon flowers my grandmother had in her garden. This is NOT the one I remember, but it's very pretty. When I planted it I did not think it would make the vine it did. If it comes back next year, I'm going to make sure it has a trellis or some string to climb on. It only blooms in the late afternoon. The bloom has a very pungent sweet perfume smell. You can smell it long before you get to it. The bloom is very delicate. It will be shriveled and dead in the morning.. all that work to bloom in the evening and then die in the dawn of the day.. kind of sad.

Below is another photo of the mum plant we put in last week. it is blooming like mad. I bet there were 200 buds on the plant. It's a Belgian Mum, Padre Yellow... after checking the Internet I find that this mum is unique in that you don't have to pinch the tops off in the spring.. it will come up and will flower just like it is now next September... The only preparation I have to do is to cover it with mulch before the winter hits.. Then in the spring scrape off the mulch.

The last photo is of my Little blue plant.. not sure what it is. Husband calls it a "wild Jew plant". I love it and wanted to put it out in the flower bed.. I was informed by hubby that this is a prolific weed and is to be stomped out at the first opportunity.. I'm leaving it.
It's in a part of the old gymnasium here. it's contained and grows up the wall.. We use to throw out our dish water in this area.. maybe that has helped it take hold.. Husband says it can stay there.. but is watching to make sure I don't get a shovel.
This week we'll move the peonies. There are two.. a pink one and a red one. both are in places where they no longer have the sun they need. I'm hoping we can move them without much trouble. I'd like to put the red one in the new flower bed with the mums. Unfortunately husband gave me the old "don't ask me to plant another thing in that bed. And don't want another one up in the "root" forest" lecture already. He was serious.. 5 hours to plant two mum plants. It was Root city there for sure... I would like the red peony in the bed, but will be happy to put it out in a row of peonies I have out toward the barn. I hope you are enjoying your last flowers of the season...

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The last days of Summer...

As you can see the summer sun is setting.. The air has a slight chill. The squirrels are making off with the acorns and black walnuts.
The last of the butterflies are preparing to travel. The migratory birds have left. Pumpkins, gourds, and corn stalks are decorating the neighbors porches. It's the last days of summer. I am feeling melancholy.. I think melancholy is the right word.. kind of sad and contemplating what has past... if that's melancholy that's me today... In the photo above you see our chairs out under the hickory tree.. we sit out there in the evening.. our front porch faces the west and has full sun until the sun sets.. to hot even in the waning days of summer to sit there.. so head out to the hickory tree and the shade it provides.

I walked around outside today... and took some photos.. the last of the summer.. as you can see below these Hybrid poplar trees have lost most of their leaves.. We plan on taking them down this fall. They are not good trees to have by the driveway. A few weeks ago during a storm, the top came out of one. I had just moved my car. whew, that was way to close... when we planted them I needed shade.. quick shade.. they worked for a while.. now they are nothing but a pain.. We have lots of trees now and lots of good shade.. so they're out here..

Below is the photo of the New birdhouse we put up this spring. As you can see the lilacs, and rose of Sharon bushes fared well. The bluebirds are gone for this year. I'm not really sure if they leave or not. I know I've seen them in Feb. watching the birds at the winter feeder... They don't do seeds.. I have a feeling they may head farther south where the bugs still roam around.

We'll be moving the peonies this week. Today it's off to the health dept. to get our flu shot. Husband wants to go look at riding mowers. Our old one blew up last year. He got one running but today after driving 30 miles to get a pin for the deck, he returned to find that after finishing what he'd started mowing yesterday something gave up the ghost. Mind you the mower hasn't been run for a good 10 years.. but he is irritated and I think we'll be checking out the end of year sale on riding mowers. I told him he can get one if it's cheap.. really cheap.. so it's the end of summer.. Fall has begun. Leaves will need mulching soon.. little gremlins will find their way to our front porch for treats.. hopefully no tricks... I am looking forward to my first glass of apple cider and my first Carmel apple.. our first fall bon-fire, and our trip to the orchard for some apples and cider donuts.. still warm.. yummm... A little melancholy today.. but so glad we got so spend the last of our summer days looking out from our little cabin on the place we love best..

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whose Loading Your Camel ?

I have come to realize this week that I have a Camel. I like Camels. They are kind of cute.. in a homely, only your mom could love that face, way.
I think a lot of us have camels. I think my Camel's name is Clyde.. LOL I just remembered a Ray Stevens song from years ago.. the Camel's name was Clyde.. a good name for a Camel, I think..

Well to continue.. Our Church is going through some changes. It has been going through the changes for a year or so now.. New Pastor, New people, New ideas for ministry.. As with all change, it's difficult. Some people have more difficulty then others with change. I don't do well with it at all.. 

It kind of reminds me of the Israelites and the Wilderness.. Moses takes them out of slavery.. God has delivered them through some Mighty Miracles.. They are God's own chosen children.. and after just a bit, they are whining and crying and wishing they were back in Egypt with their slave masters.. They didn't like the change.. it was scary, it was unknown, at least slavery was a known thing.. 

Some of them would have gone back. That just amazes me. Then I look at my life and see that there are times when I would choose the familiar even when God is clearly calling me to change, to a new thing, a new way, something unknown.. He gently reminds me that He is with me.. so I will follow.. sometimes kicking and screaming.. and throwing a fit.. kind of like the Israelites.. but I go..

Apparently when I left Egypt.. the place of sin and slavery.. I took a Camel.. Clyde.. maybe God thought I needed him for the journey.. anyway.. Clyde and I travel this road together.. 

As part of the change at Church God has led some folks to other Churches and other places of Service. It is painful and joyful to me. Painful in that I have seen the burden of the decision to move to another place of service. Painful because there are hurt feelings, feelings of fear and even anger. Painful because I love my Church family and I know for some this was not an easy decision. Painful because I will miss serving with them, but Joyful too as I see how God is using their gifts and talents in new and exciting ways in their new places of service..

I was sharing with one of my mentors in the Faith. Glenn is one who speaks God word to me. I always check with God, to make sure the interpretation is correct. Glenn has been a fellow Christian that I can pour my heart out to and He will pray with me, and give me a word.. As I was sharing my burden for my Church family, our Church, Our direction.. with Glenn this week.. I told him how painful some of the recent events have been to me.. and how I am so burdened with some situations..

Glenn asked me a question.. Who's loading your camel? Of course I had to shut-up and think about that for a minute. "Well, I am," was my reply.. Glenn then asked.. who was responsible for the folks that I'm so burdened for.. well, God is of course.. they are His kids.. (hand slapping head "big duh" moment) God is.. not me.. I'm loading all this stuff, peoples problems, concerns, squabbles, unrest, uneasiness, all their stuff on my camel.. just like it's mine to deal with and mine to fix.. I load up my camel and then try to continue on my journey.. I've loaded up all the stuff that will not benefit me.. and all the stuff I can't do a thing about.

I unloaded my camel Clyde this week.. I'm making room for the stuff that God has given me to carry.. and it's not much.. Jesus already said to cast all my cares, burdens, concerns, on Him.. Jesus also reminded me that His load is easy, His burden is light..

I'm so glad that God is the one who has to keep it all straight..

Glenn also reminded me that God has called me to be a prayer warrior.. I am to pray about the situations and concerns of my Brothers and Sisters in Christ.. that's it.. God will deal with them, He will fix them.. 

God is leading us in some new directions. It's kind of scary.. we haven't been this way, We haven't followed this leader, what if we make a wrong turn, what if our leader is a nut, what if we run out of food or water, What if we are asked to make a commitment of our time, or our money, what if we have to give up something we love, What if we can't have our way or be in charge, 

what if People are saved, what if we are on the path that God has been waiting to put us on, what if we repent and follow, what if we become the people of God that we are meant to be? Lots of what ifs and lots of unknowns.. But you know what .. It's all in God's hands. It's His business, we are His kids, He knows what He's doing.. I don't have to worry about it..

Clyde and I are happy again.. free again.. free to follow the road, the path, the way that God is leading us.. I will be praying with passion, and heart, with love and concern for all my brothers and sisters in Christ.. 

I am also praying with the same love and compassion for those who Do Not Know the Love of God or the Forgiveness of sins. I'm praying that God will use Us, That He will use Me.. To touch hearts so He can Change lives..

So my question to you today is this.. are you burdened, worried, overwhelmed?
Whose loading your Camel????

Happy Fall Ya'll

I can't believe it's fall already. wow, did the summer fly by or what.. I don't know about you, but I almost missed the whole thing. I think part of the problem was the lack of Summer type weather. It was only hot and summer like for a week in June and about a week in August.. Now it's time to dig out the sweats. Don't get me wrong, I like fall. I like the crispness that begins to fill the air. My papa would say it was fresh. I really like to head out to the orchard and buy some apple cider donuts. I especially like the warm ones, And I L-O-V-E... hot apple cider. I always buy a couple of gallons so I can make cinnamon apple cider jelly. I add it to the Thanksgiving boxes I pack for my special "adopted" Soldiers. It's a little taste of fall that is good when you're far from home.

I love the smell of burning leaves. It's been a while since I've smelled leaves burning cause they just don't let you do that in the city anymore. I don't know if folks out in the country still burn them or not.. I know kids still love jumping in a huge pile of leaves.. And then there are the scarecrows. I love them.. all fat and full of straw with a favorite flannel shirt and an old pair of overalls. I saw some really cute ones at the super mega store in town. 

Apples, lots of crisp juicy apples, and at our house apples mean pie.. and baked pork chops with apples. fried apples, and if he is lucky, husband will get a few fried apple pies.

Another thing that means fall to me, is a trip "up North".. to a small town with friends. We walk the woods, and hit the quilt shops. I love quilts. they remind me of good stuff like grandmas, feather beds, fall, warmth, and love. I took a quilting class a few years ago. I have some material set aside to make another quilt. Every fall I consider getting the stuff out and working on it.. especially during the long cold days of winter. but with computers, activities at Church and the VFW, I never seem to find time to work on that quilt. I think I'll try again this year. Maybe things will be less hectic..

that's another thing.. Fall quickly leads to Halloween, then there is a rush of only a few weeks and it's Thanksgiving and then all races toward Christmas.. Whew.. But we were talking about fall.. so let's not head out toward Christmas just yet..

Fall means the days will get shorter. the nights will get chilly, frost will leave it's imprint on my lawn and my windshield. It's time to dig out the sweats, the sweaters, the long sleeve stuff, all the winter clothes. It's time to start packing away the summer stuff. The lawn chairs can stay out for the bon-fire, but will be put away soon after. The BBQ grill will be used for another week or two, then out to the barn for the winter.. Beach towels, flip-flops, and sandals will be gathered up and packed away till next spring.

Fall means big pots of homemade soup, homemade bread, stews, and chili. It means apple and pumpkin pies, and loaves of pumpkin and banana bread. The oven will be used on a regular basis again. Fall, means pumpkins and squash, gourds and indian corn, and corn stalks for decorations.
I wish ya'll a very happy fall...

Friday, September 11, 2009

What I Learned At The SuperStore This Week...

I was just doing my usual shopping this week at one of our area SuperStores. I was amazed to find that there are some Hard Truths That can be learned there...

Truth #1.... Spandex, no matter how beautiful on the hanger, does NOT look good on fat people. It just makes you look fatter.. every fat roll, even ones you didn't know existed.. Are shown in all their glory... Frankly.. I scared myself.. so BIG Note to self... NO SPANDEX...

Truth #2... Unless you are going to shop at a high-end store, the ones that you have to take out a second mortgage to buy a dress, FAT People's clothes are U-G-L-Y... I don't know why.. I've shown my girlfriends this several times.. next time your out shopping look at the Women's section.. or plus size section.. whatever the name.. now really Look.. would you be caught dead in any of the clothes.. the paisley, bright orange midriff top.. come on.. They look like clown clothes.. No offense to any clowns.. but truthfully, I've seen some clown outfits I'd rather wear.. No wonder Fat folks are teased unmercifully.. Look at the clothes we are expected to wear..

Truth #3... If it's on sale and you have a good coupon, they will be out. or it's not for the variety you like.. By the way.. don't worry.. when you go to find someone who can write a rain check.. they'll tell you there are no rain checks for that item... ya, right.. 2064 gazillion items in the store and you managed to find the only one that they can't write a rain check for..

Truth #4... If you are looking for a cute little nail file.. you saw tons of them at the drugstore on the corner and they were so cute you decided to buy 85 for Christmas gifts.. instead of heading to the corner you figure.. hey, I'm here in super mega store.. they probably have a bigger selection.. SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME.. you won't find any.. well maybe one. and it will be $2.99 cause it restores the finish on your nails or some such nonsense.. Nope, hit the drugstore on your way home.

I hope these truths can help you in some way.. if nothing else try to get a mental picture of me in an UGLY orange striped midriff top made of spandex, with a coupon for $1.00 off on a sale item, running down a store manager, with a broken blue nail file that costs $3.97...
Have a great day.. :-)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Festivals... What fun :-)

Summer Festivals and Fairs... What fun :-)

LOL This was a first for me.. This was my first Festival that offered Donkey rides for the kids.. How they lined up.. it was great.. Look at that face.. "the donkey face" that cute and adorable donkey face.. makes you just want to kiss that ole nose doesn't it.. LOL I love Donkey faces... they have character. I think it's because they are characters.. If you are wondering.. the owner of this little Donkey was very good about only letting a few kids take turns riding. Then "donkey" I didn't get his name.. was put up in the shade for rest and relaxing.. No donkey was harmed in the taking of this photo or in the riding.. Donkey rather looked like he was enjoying the whole thing.

This was just one of the "fun" things that could be done at the "annual festival". It takes place in a small town.. a really small town.. It was my first time at the festival.. The Lion's club puts it on every year... They have vendors set up.. I bought my "festival" T-shirt from one of them.. there were games set up for the kids, raffles.. you could win a TV or a lawnmower.. there were silent auctions, and raffles for stuff like Santa's and dinner for two at the "coon dog inn".. There was a pet show.. where kids showed off their pets.. a guinea pig was declared the winner.. there were tractor/train rides for the kids too.. I love those.. someone puts together a train that pulls cars that look like tractors.. There were softball tournaments in the early am.. and there was "gospel singing" in the evening.. There was even a booth set up where you could get information on "how to" submit your family history for a new book that will soon be printed .. This area was a very vital part of the region when the state was new... The local animal shelter was on hand with various ways you could donate to the shelter.

In case you wondered, there was festival food too.. yep, good ole' festival food.. there were funnel cakes.. they were yummy.. and ice cream.. But the hit of the festival.. what everyone in the area waits for.. was the BBQ.. there was BBQ chicken, ribs, and pork loin, pulled pork, and hot or mild sauce.. a plate lunch that included potato salad, bread, and a drink.. or just the sandwich.. Husband and I got the pork loin sandwich.. oh my goodness.. I now know why this festival is over 100 yrs. old.. it's the BBQ.. finger licking good doesn't even describe it.. you can watch the men back by the BBQ grill.. they smile and nod as you pass by.. you can ask, but you will never get the secret of their sauce or the special rub that has been used.. you can guess at what kind of wood they used to "smoke" the meat.. you may even get one of them to tell you how long the meat was on the "pit".. but that's all you'll know.. they will smile and nod.. that's all you'll get.. that and a Thank you mamm come on back ...

As I looked around that afternoon.. we only stayed a couple of hours, we were heading over to a big town.. for a festival and BBQ.. As I looked around, I noticed some other things.. things I liked.. Signs for all those running for public office.. hung around the grounds .. mostly by the food.. there were tents.. big tents.. donated by businesses that had their names on them.. one of the largest was from the local funeral home.. Everyone asked where we were from.. I guess it's cause if I open my mouth to speak well, it's obvious I'm not from around here.. very obvious.. We always find someone who is from our area of the mid-west.. it's kind of funny how many of us northerners have found our way to remote towns in the south.. Another observation.. Farmers.. lots of farmers.. young and old.. it's an agricultural area.. farms dot the landscape.. some small, some big.. but farms.. it wasn't like the city festivals I've attended.. no suits and ties, oh there was the occasional dress slacks and shirt.. I think it was someone running for office.. no, most were just "plain" folks.. jeans and work boots.. kids in tow.. excited for the fun.. excited to play ball, ride on the tractor train.. to eat a funnel cake.. play a game.. and ride a donkey.. plain folk, home folks.. folks who are neighbors.. and make even strangers in their midst feel like they belong... like they are Home...

My Favorite Summer flowers...

Our New found treasure... Naked Ladies: a relative of Amaryllis

Our Mimosa Tree...

Some of my Favorite Summer flowers ...

In truth, I love flowers, I love the ones that pop their little heads up out of the snow in the early spring, like the snow crocus.. I love the ones that are all bright and happy in the spring when the grass and the trees are still looking dead and blah.. my daffodils, and paper whites, the tulips, and phlox, also the forsythia, ya, I know they aren't flowers per say, but flowering bushes.. and who could leave out the red buds, and dog wood (trees) I love the flowering quince bushes too.. I love the ones that pop open when the weather has warmed up, like the wild rose bushes, peonies, and the heavy scents of the magnolia... The lilacs, petunias, sweet pea, phlox, bridals wreath, gladiolas, iris, oh and the Lilly's who could forget the Lilly's the wild orange ones that decorate my ditch banks, and the beautiful hybrid colors of pink, maroon, yellow, red, and well just let your imagination run wild..

the photo above is of my Mimosa tree.. I love the soft white/pink/yellow puffie-ness of those flowers.. the humming birds love them too.. :-)
You will also see the newest addition to our flower beds, Naked Ladies... I can't remember the official name.. oh yes, Belladonna Lillys, part of the Amaryllis family.. We had never seem them before. Husband planted them about 4 years ago at the urging of a friend. We just saw the big bulbs then and planted them. In the early spring, they are all green foliage. But we never knew if they ever bloomed. This spring, in my frantic 'chop it out cause it's taking over" daze, I ripped the stuff out by the handfuls. It never bloomed, just filled up the bed.. Well to my absolute horror, I discovered the pink Lilly looking plant you see in the first photo.. absolutely breathtaking.. I'm so glad they are bulbs and I was to lazy to walk to the barn and get my shovel. Apparently the greenery grows up and is all full.. then dies all the way down to the ground.. my flowers are in the flower beds so it's harder to see the flowers and what they do, but in town I saw these planted in the middle of the yard.. the green foliage dies away.. and up comes a single stalk.. on that stalk is the flower you see above.. seemingly to appear from nowhere. absolutely breath taking.. I have begged their forgiveness and plan on trying to set some out where they will do better.. they need full sun..
The other flowers I love are my Rose of Sharon, yes, they are bushes.. sorry, I have lots of flowering bushes.. there are lots of them.. white with pale purple innards, bright pinks that are double, yellow, lavender and the like.. I have about 15 bushes of them. The Ice storm this past January really wreeked havoc on them. The largest one.. about 20+ feet tall and at least 15 feet wide.. was bent with ice so severely that the branches never were able to straighten themselves. So the look was a huge gaping hole where the middle of the upright bush should have been and then the branches going out from each side.. The Crepe Myrtle also suffered from the ice along with the trees.. I did get a few photos of the Myrtles.. they were not a lovely as they have been in the past.. I did find an article on how to prune them properly, so will have husband do so this spring.. it will give them optimal blooming help.. We haven't pruned them for the last few years and it shows.. I love their flowers.. they are like big tufts of cotton candy..
Yep, I love to look at the summer flowers blooming.. they fill the air at night with a heavy scent of summer.. along with the night bug sounds.. it's perfect..
I'm looking forward to our fall flowers, I don't think I have many, maybe none.. it's been a while since I've been down to enjoy them.. I can't wait to see my new tree and it's fall color.. I'm hoping it will be vibrant.. Fall will be upon us before we know it.. cooler days, crisp air, the smell of apple cider, pumpkins and Indian corn along with gourds and pine cones adorning our porches and railings. There will be leaves to rake.. so we can jump in them.. and the smell of burning leaves. soon the bon-fires will warm us.. I'm already planning on pulling my chair a little closer to the fire.. I've found the hot cocoa and the marshmallows.. I think I'll need them soon.. I also saw the first gallons of apple cider in the grocery store..
yummm hot cider and cinnamon sticks..

Doing the Happy Dance... Happy Happy Happy :-)

Oh My, has it really been 6 + weeks since I last blogged something..
gracious.. How time flies when you're having fun..

To update you, We went to our little cabin in Ky. the first time in 12 yrs. we had been down in the summer.. I had forgotten how wonderful it is..

to bring you all up to speed.. we had a break-in, after a few days there was an arrest made, It turned out to be an alleged burglary ring (my words) where stolen items going back as far as a year ago, were recovered in two homes. As of this date 5 arrests have been made.. other charges are pending including Meth making, receiving stolen property and a felon in possession of a firearm
 All the items were taken.. (truck loads, all the items in the houses and on the property were stolen) to an old warehouse where they were available for anyone, with a police report and a list of stolen items, to look through. I had sent on a list of our items, along with photos and descriptions to the local police dept. and to the State Police, who were investigating our robbery.

 When we got to the warehouse to look for our items, most had been found and put on a cart for us. Here is where I sing the praises of the Local Police dept.. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Including the Police Chief, who brought out a couple of items we did not find at the warehouse.. they came into his possession after another arrest..

back to the warehouse.. we looked and found ALL our stuff.. well all except for the "get away vehicle" aka: our garbage can on wheels, some pillows and clothes that the robbers used to protect the items shoved in the garbage can, a couple of granite pie plates (later recovered) and a clear chicken candy dish from the 1940's.. The rest, including items we did NOT realize were taken.. were there.. Thank you Jesus... I'm still praising God for this one.. All of the officers remarked that " this never happens" you never find all your stuff.. Well, I did..

I'm not ashamed to tell you that I was just a "little miffed" at God for allowing those creeps to take my stuff.. I pray over the whole place whenever we leave.. asking God to guard and keep it safe along with all those we love till we return.. Well, after the call I got saying our place was broken into and our stuff was gone.. a lot of stuff.. not all of it, as some people experienced.. I met a couple of them later on.. but a lot. I immediately prayed and believed that EVERYTHING I have, God gave it to me.. If He gave it to me.. then If He wanted me to have it, He would bring it back.. I kept telling Dear Husband, that God Loves me.. and If I am suppose to have my stuff back, and some of it was very precious to me, I would get it back.. 

 I went to Ky. believing I would get some of it back.. Husband went knowing we would never see any of it again.. I am still amazed that God gave it all back except for my garbage can, and a chicken.. all of it.. unharmed and just as we had left it.. Amazing.. 

We spent a few days getting our stuff back and put in place.. I purposefully did not put anything in the place of the missing things.. I knew it was going to come back.. I don't know how I knew it.. I just did.. 

 We did beef up our security.. The State trooper reminded me that we could make our cabin Ft. Knox, but if someone wanted in bad enough.. we can't keep them out..

I also reminded God that He was in charge of all we have, and I would trust that His angels know just how and what to guard.. Then we spent another week relaxing and running with friends.. we did just what we wanted to ... and had a blast.. we went to festivals.. I have some stories.. and a BBQ.. and spent alot of time just sitting on our front porch. We ate fresh tomatoes from a friends garden EVERY Day.. LOL and had fresh corn, peaches, green beans, new potatoes, and cucumbers.. we drank gallons of iced tea and lemonade.. it was grand.. And I danced.. I danced the "God Loves me" dance, and the " I got my stuff back" dance.. I danced over my peaches.. I am a peach fanatic.. thanks Uncle Romie, and I danced the "friend" dance.. I even got to eat at Cracker barrel and picked up some Christmas gifts.. It was wonderful and fun..

So today I'm dancing again.. as I remember how much God loves me.. His goodness and His mercy.. I'm thanking Him for knowing how special some of the items were.. and for reminding me that all I have, He has given to me.. Cause He loves me..