Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh My Time To Ketch-up....

Wow.. It's almost the end and Feb. and I haven't blogged a single thing since Jan. 10th. Yep, you guessed it, My life is really boring. I will Ketch you Up   :-) 

 1. This has been the weirdest winter I can remember. 6 inches of snow one day, 3 days later so warm it all melts. We really haven't had much in the way of snow here, but it's been a lot colder. 

2. The squirrels are doing well. They have a routine set up. They come in for breakfast about 9 ish. The birds stop by on and off throughout the day. Scrappy and Scruffy squirrel have grown back all their fur. They're still a little skinny, but seem to be doing great. Tank (the humongous squirrel) seems to have lost a little bit of weight, I'm guessing he is trying to get in shape for the coming spring. 

3. Husband is having a bit of a time with his Diabetes. His sugar has started running high. He's been following the Diabetic exchange diet closely and has upped his dosage of insulin and started taking two shots a day. It looks like he will have to change to regular insulin and take more shots. He was hoping to avoid that. We'll just have to see what the Dr. says next week. 

4. Husband had a "pimple gone bad" aka: a pre-cancerous place on his lip. We were very happy to discover it was NOT cancer. the treatment was done and he's good to go. 

5. We are planning the garden. I'm hoping to get a raised bed made for some carrots and onions. 

6. Our great grandson A. will be celebrating his first birthday March 4th. It doesn't seem possible that he will be one soon. Wow time flies. 

7. I am keeping up with the picture "out my kitchen window" taking the photo once a week works much better. 

8. I actually sat down and read a book this past week. Stephen King's "The Dome". I thought it was going to be a summer movie, but I see now that it will be premiering on CBS as a 13 week show called "Under the Dome"  you can read more info. here..  The book was good. I hope the show is good too. 

That's all the excitement I can think of now. I'm ready for Spring. I heard from a friend in Ky. that the Easter flowers are starting to bloom. I'm ready to see some green and those bright beautiful flowers of spring. 
I'm ready for warm breezes and sitting outside in the swing. I'm ready to open windows and air out the house. I'm ready spring. I know it's only Feb. but I don't mind if you hurry your entrance up a bit.