Friday, January 9, 2015

The Rest Of The Story...

Wow, it's the 7th of January already. November and December seemed to fly by. I'll catch you up quickly.. 

Thanking God for our many Blessings
Packing boxes for the Troops.

Decorating porch and tree, kitchen, and even the bathroom.
Baking cookies, pies, and special jams. 
Heading off to the airport to see a grandson off to Cali. 
Christmas shopping finished and wrapping done.
Warm...  like almost 50 warm. No snow and warm. wow..

The call came that my precious sister in law/ only mom I had for years, was home with hospice care. We went to visit one Monday afternoon. We loved on her, visited with Brother, and went home. 

The dreaded call came only 6 short days later. She had gone on home to Heaven. I still can't wrap my head or heart around it. 

Then more hard news came; more of Husbands family; more cancers found and more death. 
Even now we are praying for a peaceful passing for a dear cousin.
The end of the year came hard. It slammed into my heart like a punch to the gut. I still feel the grief of losing one of my Best friends since Jr. High, and her mom/my mom.. 

As I move on through this life loss seems to come in waves. Those who've been with us longest are leaving us. I don't know how I could take it other then the knowledge that God is carrying me through it.

 I am moving on into 2015 with a grateful heart and wonderful memories of those who've gone on ahead.