Thursday, March 24, 2011

OK, Where Did The Grass Go????

My poor little Robin friend can't figure out what happened to spring...

I saw this scene out my kitchen window this morning. We had a wonderful Winter storm that left us with about 6 inches of snow and 2 inches of ice.. The snow was wet and stuck.. then the ice encased it. This morning it was a sparkly like diamonds when the sun shined on it. So beautiful, but so cold.

This poor Robin caught my eye. I know he is wondering what in the world happened. This past week was sunny and we even had a couple of really warm days. Then Pow, off to January weather again. Robin was sitting on the limbs of our skinny pine. The weight of the snow and ice had bent it's limbs low. I know the poor little guy was just mystified by the scene he awoke to. No grass, no bugs, no seeds. He took a good look around.. Fluffed himself up and flew off to begin his day.

I felt the same way this morning. I had a bad night. lots of pain and not much sleep. sassy sassy knees.. anyway.. I surveyed my yard and wondered where in the world my spring went.. then I just fluffed myself up, got on my stretchy pants, my winter coat and gloves and headed with hubby in the 4x4 off to Physical Therapy.

I love Nature; animals and birds especially. They sometimes seem taken by surprise, but they never sit and bemoan the day or it's circumstances. Well at least I don't think they do. They just go on and do their thing. I can take a tip from them. Be happy that you are. Look at the circumstance you are working with today. (no point in worrying about tomorrow) and just get on with what you have to do.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HI HO, HI HO It's Off To Therapy I Go...

Well here I am again. My third knee scope in 10 months. This time on my right knee; aka: "my good knee". Ha ! Not anymore. It's a sassy very stubborn knee. Refusing to bend to my will. hmm maybe a little like me. Well just a little.

I started Physical Therapy again this week. I have a new place I'm going. The other one closed. This bunch is sweet and it's still really close to home. I was afraid I was going to have to make the 10 mile trip to the Sports medicine gym/therapy office. I'm glad I don't. Gas prices and pkup trucks make for unhappy partners these days. That and Hubby is driving me. My driving leg this time. Pulling myself up into the drivers seat is not something I can do just yet. I'm not sure how far my knee will co-operate as far as pressure on the gas pedal or brake, so I'm waiting a few more days before I try it.

Hubby likes it. He drops me off and heads up to a little diner where he drinks coffee and has a breakfast special or a coney dog and fries, depending on the time of day. For now I'm going 3 times a week. They are working on both knees. I'm hoping to be walking with both knees bending and minimal pain soon.

The prognosis this time is for 3 months before the knee heals. I'm hoping by then I'll be kicking up my heals, even if it's just an inch or two off the floor. I have gathered some very useful information in my recovery this time. I will pass it on here over the next few days. Oooh Suspense, makes you want to hurry back for more doesn't it.. LOL
hope you are having a great week. I'll be hitting the therapy again in the morning. You'll recognize me. I'm the one with the cane, the pain pill, and the interesting gate.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Paczki Day Aka: Fat Tuesday...

Happy Paczki Day...
yahooo my favorite day between Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day. I just love Paczkis. My favorite are lemon filled. Hubby likes his with no filling.

If you are not familiar with Paczki "pronounced poonch-key" you are missing a real treat. They are made out of a donut type batter, deep fried.. yummmy and then filled with prune, Bavarian cream, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, and other fruit fillings. The proper way to eat them is to sprinkle them with lots of powdered sugar. See the photo below...

I must admit that if we buy a dozen of these, I can eat more than half of them, so I try to limit myself to just 2.. I think they say they are 500 calories each, so I had my paczkis for lunch today.

Here is a photo of the guys at Jablonski's bakery making the paczkis. They make and sell hundreds of dozens of these today. Husband made two trips to the bakery till he could find a place to park. This morning the line was out around the side of the building. Yes, they are that good. These are the best. I've purchased paczki at the grocery store. They are ok, but not nearly as good as Jablonskis.

I had my 3rd knee surgery on the 18th of Feb. I should start my physical therapy sometime next week. Hopefully this will be the last of the knee surgeries for a while. It will also be the last of the paczkis for a while too. I have to lose weight. My knees have finally revolted and will continue to do so until I can drop some weight. I will keep them as a once a year treat.

By the way, hubby bought a dozen. Anyone for a paczki? give me a call.