Thursday, September 25, 2014

MIni Rant Of The Day: Dear Mr./Mrs. Politician

Politicians drive me nuts...

Mini Rant for the day.. 
    Dear Mr./Mrs. Politician.. 
Stop telling me how bad your opponent is.. Stop telling me how your opponent has supported "the bad party and the wrong people"...  Stop telling me how we will all suffer if your opponent wins.. 

Tell Me:  What are you going to do to help us, the voters..  
We need you to tell us how you are going to improve the economy, help our Veterans, make sure everyone has insurance, how are you going to improve our schools and City services. How are you going to look out for Seniors.. What are you going to do to see that our taxes are used in the most efficient way.. 

Stop telling me how bad the other guy is.. Tell me that you are going to listen to me. That you are going to set your priorities for your constituents even if it doesn't agree with your parties' line of thinking..  

Tell me what you are going to do, and I just may vote for you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Where Did The Summer Go ???

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.. Way back in July Wow..  

It's been a busy Summer. Some things have changed as far as Summer routine. We have pretty much decided that Hubby, with his back, just can't till up or work out in the garden. I'm hoping that maybe next year we can get a raised bed garden put in. I really missed those fresh veggies, and as time consuming as it is. I really miss Canning. I loved making all kinds of yummy stuff to use during the winter. I hate having to buy canned veggies. I think we could manage a raised bed garden. It seems as though downsizing is just part of the aging process. 

We had a great time going to our local Farmer's Market this year. The new market opened in May. It will be open year round. I found some great veggies and fruit there. Lots of friendly faces too. I know I'll be heading there at least a few times a month for eggs, meat, and Bakery stuff. I like all the specialty coffee's the offer.. Hubby. Not so much.  He is a Maxwell house Man. He doesn't want any of that foo foo coffee. He wants a good stout cup of "made in the old coffee pot" coffee.. the closest thing he could find at the Market that resembled his brew from home was a Brazilian "Pour over".. He didn't like it, but at least it was hot and it got him home to get " just a plain old cup of coffee"..  

I had a great time with our Church's Summer Awana Program. The kids had fun with various activities including Vacation Bible School. The best time was the Summer wrap up in Aug. The kids made Pinewood derby cars and raced them. It was so much fun. We've just started back with our regular Awana program. A sure sign that Summer is over and School has started. 

The weather has been cool here the last couple of weeks. Thankfully it looks like we'll be warming back up into the 70's for the next week or so. I'm glad summer is still hanging on for a bit. 

I love all that summer stuff.. Warm nights, Fireworks, fishing, Water fun, watching gardens grow and fluffy clouds swimming by in the bright blue skies. Birds and bunnies, butterflies and squirrels visiting our yard. Picnics, festivals, fairs, Ice tea on the porch, and burgers on the BBQ grill. Watermelon, and Peach juice dripping down my chin. And the laughter of children playing. Ice cream on hot summer nights .  car rides with windows down. Singing with my favorite songs on the radio. Star gazing on a warm night with my husband holding my hand. 

I hope you made some great memories this summer, and that they help keep you warm through the long nights of Winter....