Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time To Fill In The New Calendars....

Today was the day that I filled in the new Calendars. I usually have 3.

#1. The one I hang up by the phone. It's handy to write appointments on. Since I'm standing right there. I use that one since I hope I will actually look at it. LOL I'm on the phone at least once a day, so I use it in hopes that I will check the calendar out every day.

#2. The one that is out by my computer. I try to open it every morning. I take it to meetings to fill in dates for events and such. I keep all the birthdays on this calendar. I try to remember to add them as I find them. I plan every year to make sure to email, call, or fb message everyone on their birthdays. I'm still trying to make that goal. I have great intentions, I really do.

#3 The last calendar is one of the little pocket ones I keep in my purse. For those occasions like when I'm at the Dr. or dentist and I need to make another appt. I use to write all the birthdays on it. Those little tiny squares are just not big enough. I have to write everything in abbreviations and hope I can remember what they mean later. I have to laugh because this past year there were several times when I had no idea what my scratching abbreviations meant. I always used this calendar exclusively in the past, but these days I just keep it in case I need to know something while I'm out. I mostly keep notes in it. Phone #'s.. what I'm allergic to .. just in case I end up in an accident and have to go to the ER. Contact phone numbers.. My Doctor's phone number. Who to contact in case of emergency etc. I keep lists of stuff in the little plastic sleeve too.. I like it for that.

While I was filling out the Calendars today I was struck by how quickly the year flies by. Then I noticed that even though we think of a month being long; they are really quite short. Only 4 weeks. I seemed to whiz through the year at breakneck speed as I was adding b-days, appts., and tentative event dates. I thought to myself " No wonder the year flies by so quickly, It's only 52 weeks long. Not Long at all".

I had to laugh, I was telling hubby all about what I did last year. My life is all written down on those Calendar squares. Appointments, Surgeries, Graduation Open houses, lunches with friends, Wedding and baby showers, Weddings, and Funerals, county fairs, and vacation dates. Days in my life. He mentioned that is was just like a diary. It is. So take a look through your calendar. Look at each little square and all the stuff you did. I'll bet it's full of life.

I can't wait to see what those new pretty white and empty squares will fill up with this year. I can't wait to see what fun awaits us. I'm ready.

Happy New year to you...
May your Calendar be full of Fun, Joy, Laughter,
Family, Friends, Food, and Celebrations.

Matt, Shut Your Mouth...

Christmas here is always up in the air. We are never really sure when it will come. We usually have at least 2 Christmases.

These are the boys. Mike, Matt, and Tim. Mike is my Step-grandson, This was his first time to spend the Christmas day/weekend. (week before the real one) The Boys come down and We eat, open gifts, make cookies and other treats, and just generally have fun. Lots of fun.

This year was different, all three at one time and all teenagers. whooo goodness.. Hubby and I had girls. I know girls. I know what most girls like.. Boys are a whole different thing, and teen boys are even more fun. Lot of eating, drinking, game system playing.. laughing, and goofing. Yep they will keep a grandmother young. In the photo above we tried to get a nice pic of the boys and grandma Karen.. aka: GK (snicker) after 10 attempts, we just gave up. The last photo was good.. but my eyes were closed, so this was the best one.
Gift opening on Christmas Day. Hubby was all excited and laughing. The dogs, Rosey (laying) and Sissy were excited about all the paper ripping and the oohs and aahs. Rosey is kind of nervous by nature, and was concerned that we were hurting her daddy. LOL so she eventually left for her crate till all the noise was done and we were eating.

One of my favorite times this year. Christmas Eve Service. I was in the drama this year. It was so much fun. I was a little hesitant as my memorizing skills are a bit rusty. Thank goodness I was given a fun and small part. Plenty of time to check which lines came next so I wouldn't trip anyone up by saying something off the wall.. LOL it was so much fun. The evening ended with candle lighting and singing of Silent night and Joy to the World. Lots of Joy and celebrating.

Hubby calls me Christmas Karen. It is truly my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. Especially the family and friends we get to spend time with. I can't wait for Christmas to come.
For now, I'm ready for Spring.. how about you?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Favorite Christmas Decorations...

This Santa and Mrs. Claus are very special to me. I got them on my honeymoon in 1983. Santa for hubby and Mrs. Clause for me. I have to laugh, I got them at a gas station/convenience store/gift shop. Forwards, you locals will recognize that name. We had gone up to Standish to squirrel hunt. These are always the first decorations placed on the tree.

This decoration was hand painted by a lady that we met on our 10th wedding anniversary. We decided to spend the weekend touring the east side of the state. We spent the night in Port Huron and found this at a Flea-market the next morning.

This beautiful Santa was painted by my dear friend Connie. She is so talented. She has painted and sold wood crafts for year. It's funny how we both painted many Santas among other things and never thought to keep any of them for ourselves.

This is another very special ornament. It's not the original. When my Sister-in law had my dad's Christmas things a few things were misplaced. I found this at a flea-market a few years ago. It is an exact replica of the reindeer ornament my Dad had for years before us kids came along. The red has worn off his nose, but I know who he is. A special memory of my childhood.

This is one the recent additions of my most precious and favorite Christmas decorations.
Don made this Santa, sleigh, and reindeer for me a few years ago. I kept them in Ky. when we stayed the winters there. I brought it home to Michigan 2 years ago. I just love it. so much work detail, and love went into it.

I hope you are putting out some decorations with great memories and stories. Make sure you share a few of them with your family.

More Christmas Favorites

More Christmas Favorites...

The Church in the photos above has always been part of my Christmas. It belonged to my parents. It's been around longer then I have. It is kind of beat up.. the bottom is missing and the light is gone.. (I did find a new light so I can light it at night now) It lived with my sister-in law for a couple of years, but it found it's way back to me. It goes up every year.

The best part of the scene now whether with the crystal nativity set (a gift from Marsha, one of my day care kids of the 90's) or by itself; is Santa Worshipping the Baby Jesus. (I got this In Frankenmuth at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. (

Husband suggested that I remove the baby Jesus in our larger Nativity display so I could put a light in it. It sits in the living room in a kind of dark corner. I reminded him that Jesus is the Star of Christmas.. Without the Baby there is no Christmas.. Remove Jesus to put up a light.. He is the Light of the world.. I suggested some clear lights be added to the Creche next year. I love that guy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Yule Ya'll

I love Santa, I took a tole painting class in the 1990's. This is my favorite Santa. I painted a few others along with a sled. Most I gave away for gifts. This one sits out every year. I love his beard.

WOW, another Christmas almost upon us. I can't believe how fast the time has gone since Thanksgiving.

I finally finished decorating the house. I got the decorations out Last week. I love to decorate EVERYTHING.. I even take down a lot of the decor and put up decoration.
I know, my husband says he same thing.. Crazy woman.

This year it took me a week to put the tree up. The other decorations went up quickly. I didn't do my usual "Whole house" thing, but I did do up the living room and a bit of the kitchen. I even tossed a Santa in the bathroom. I haven't put out the special Christmas hand towel yet, but I think that's all that I need to do. I'll wait till we have guests. Toothpaste wiped all over it would simply ruin the whole aura of Joy.

I thought I would show you a few of my favorite decorations. I love each one. I can just about tell you where every decoration on the tree came from. They all hold special memories. I have boxes of them that won't fit on our 4 ft. tree. I think I finally talked husband into letting me get a 6.5 ft. one after Christmas if I can find one that will fit in our very limited space, and it's on sale for an excellent price.

You already saw my favorite Santa ( of the ones I painted) . Below you will see one of my favorite gifts/ornaments. I got it from one of my Day Care Mom's. Mackenzie and Aaron's mom to be exact. All the kids knew Miss Karen had a vacation home in Ky. I think this ornament is perfect. It hung on our Ky. tree for the 10 + yrs. we spent our Christmas' there..
I share a few more of my favorites tomorrow..