Monday, April 20, 2015

The View From My Kitchen Window....

The view from my kitchen window is limited. If you are brave you can look a little closer and see the house on the other side of the truck. Actually on the other side of the truck is an old trailer that is loaded with old mowers and assorted other mowery type stuff. Well the last time we looked anyway. Then the other side of the trailer is the house. I use to be able to see the road if I tilted my head and eyes just right.. Then the owners decided to add on so now I just see the truck, trailer, (there was a huge tree, but it's gone now) and the tan siding. Needless to say I try to find something interesting to look at. 

today while I was doing dishes I noticed 2 male robins. It's rainy, gray, and cool here today. As I watched those two I had to laugh. One was walking a bit closer to the house with some tasty morsel in it's beak. The other robin was a bit behind him and over a bit more toward the truck. He was grabbing stuff that looked like it could be a worm, but to his disgust was just long dead weeds and grass. 

They both kept a close eye on each other never getting to close. I don't think either one was pleased that the other one was there. I'm not sure if the one really had a tasty morsel or had just grabbed some bit of grass for a nest. They were each doing the "ya, I'm bad, you better watch yourself" strutty walk. 

I'm not really sure if the one was trying to get a bigger tasty item. I started wondering if they were vying for some cute girl robin's attention. I think nest materials and how the nest is constructed is something a girl should always consider. She would obviously want someone with the right skills. 

It's funny to watch them and almost see them thinking. I bet if they are still looking for just the right girl to birth some babies, they would really watch what the other guy was up to. 

I'm curious to see where the nests are made this year and who wins the heart of the girl. I've noticed several girl robins in the yard worm hunting. I'm glad there are a few for them to choose from. 

I love that the "wildlife" hang out around the kitchen window. I definitely love the entertainment..  hope you are having a great and entertaining day..  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Brucie , An Adventure In Love....

Brucie Sept. 2009

This is our Brucie, well not just our Brucie, she also belongs to several others. She lives in a rural area of West Ky. She is one of the smartest dogs I've ever known. She is loyal, loving, protective, and playful. She is also very Leary of people, terrified of being shut inside anything, truck bed, barn, out building, or house. She has lived through much, most of which we don't know about for sure, but her life, until the last 6 years, was never easy or loving. 

We met Brucie in march of 2009. She had followed one of her humans walking to visit a friend. Their trip brought them by our place. He stopped to chat with husband. I did the typical "hey is your dog nice?" and after hearing yes, I ran and got her a bowl of water and a bowl of food. I could see every bone in her body, every bone in her head. She was so weak she laid down almost the moment she came into our yard. She inhaled the bowl of food. I got her another. She inhaled that one. We told her human she could rest there with us until he was heading back home. She stayed. She was to tired to walk on with him. 

Brucie started to come to visit us daily for a big bowl of food, water, and a talk. She was Leary of us getting close enough to touch her. She finally let us pet her and realized we would never hurt her. She finally just stayed with us. She was so sweet and so good. Even though she was starving, she never tried to take food from us. She always waited for us to give it to her. I was Leary of the kids when they came to visit, afraid she might take their food away since they were eye to eye.. Nope.. she wanted it but never took it unless it was given. Even then she took it carefully. 

the first photo above was from Sept. She had started gaining weight. We had traveled to her home, about 2 miles away from us. We talked to her humans who really didn't have the money to feed her, so it was her job to find her own food and water. One day we saw her flat chase down and Squirrel and eat it. I asked if they knew how old she was. At that time she was 10. They said someone had dropped her there and she just stayed. I asked if they would let me buy her food. I really didn't want to offend them. I'm so glad they let us do that. That year we made 4 trips to Ky. each time she looked a little skinny, but we'd fatten her up again. She would stay with us as soon as she knew we were home. 

When she stayed with us, she would lay in front of the door. At night when Ken would go out to the outhouse she would do a perimeter check. She ran off any wandering dogs, deer, coyotes, anything. She would then walk with him everywhere. We did try to put her in the barn one time while the kids were hunting Easter eggs, She was terrified.. I believe she was left in a building. She wouldn't let anyone put her in that barn. She didn't growl or snap at us, she just pushed her way out. That was when we realized she wouldn't harm anyone even the little kids.. She followed them around looking for eggs. when they were finished, she ate the ones they gave her with the shells still on. 

Fall came and I knew she would have no regular source of food when we left. Her humans were not concerned as she could eat the deer carcasses that would be left by the hunters, catch rabbits, etc. I was mortified. When we got back home to Michigan I called the local shelter wondering if there was anyone who could go out and feed her if I sent money for food. The person I spoke with, Toyia, said she would be happy to do it. 

So our 6 year journey of feeding and loving our Brucie began. I wished a million times that we could have put her in the back of the truck and took her back to Michigan with us. She was terrified of the truck. Her human put her in back one time so we could take him home. she threw herself back and forth in the topper trying to get out. So taking her to a vet, for a ride, or home was not an option. 

Toyia went every two weeks to leave food for Brucie and another little inside dog. The humans just were not able to care for them. As time went by Toyia asked a couple, Mike and Judy, to check on Brucie too. They knew her as they had tried on several occasions to get her to follow their horses home to their house. She wouldn't leave the only home she'd ever known. The trio had gotten a couple of auto feeders. They brought special treats of hot dogs, milkbones, blankets for a bed, a dog house, straw, and fresh water in clean buckets. She'd never had it so good. 

It's been 6 yrs. Brucie's humans had to move, the house was falling in and they were in poor health. It was the best thing for them. They left Brucie. Before you get to sad, Brucie has never known another home. She knows she has food and water. She can run and play, and she has visitors. She really never had a lot of human contact until now. A neighbor keeps her area bush hogged. Another neighbor drops by on her way home from work and leaves her a bowl of canned food. Other's stop and check her feeders and water buckets. She is given special treats. Her favorites these days are turkey jerky treats. Her teeth are just about worn away, but she still loves to chew on bones. 

She is well loved. For 6 yrs. strangers have banded together to see that her remaining years are the best ones. As you can see from the photos she is fat and sassy. She is perfectly content where she lives.
She was even a pin-up girl this year. She has her photo in the 2015 Fundraising Calendar for the " Mary Hall Ruddiman Canine Shelter"  a no kill shelter in the area. 

 We realize that she will be 16 this year. I know one day I will get the call that she has gone on ahead. I dread that day, but for now I will remember that happy girl running to meet Toyia as she honks for her. We've gotten to see her and tell her how much we love her. I think she knows. She seems to remember us, even though there were a couple of years we didn't get to Ky. to see her. 

I know this "Love" adventure with our girl Brucie may seem odd to some, but I really can't imagine not having had the chance to love such a wonderful girl. I am so thankful for Toyia and Bennett who took on this adventure. I also want to thank Mike and Judy for taking our girl on too.. I want to thank the neighbors who keep an eye out for her too. It's amazing how this old dog, has inspired such love and devotion. 

Thank you Brucie for letting us love you. In our hearts we all know that if any of us could have we would have taken you home with us. I hope you will come and visit us often in Heaven. We'll keep a blanket on the porch for you.. 

Thank you Toyia for all the great photos you've taken over the years for us...