Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let Them Eat Pie

This past fall my friend Abby asked if she could come and bake with me sometime. We found a day to meet and we baked pie. We made 2 pies. Sugar free apple for Mr. Ken and Chess pie for our ladies prayer group. 

We cheated a bit. Well, I should say I cheated. I just used a refrigerated pie crust. so we made the filling from scratch. Mr. Ken's favorite thing about pie, well besides eating it, is to use our amazing apple peeler, corer, slicer from Pampered Chef . 

Abby was also fascinated by the Kerosene lamp Mr. Ken showed her. She asked him to light it. Mr. Ken was in his glory. He "fired it up" and explained all the particulars. He also sent her home with a Tiny Kerosene lamp of her own. I reminded her several times that she could not go home and light that one. 

It's wonderful to have a kid running around our house again. She's old enough to be curious about everything and wants to know how it all works. She loves to bake and has a little notebook of her favorite recipes with several from her grandmother. She is a bright twinkling light that fills the house with pure joy. We look forward to her visits. 

I'll share a few of our adventures with you. She has some cool siblings and they like baking too.