Thursday, April 13, 2017

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

How have so many months passed since my last post. Wow, to many. for the quick update: 
 We had a big Wedding in the Family. It was amazing and fun. 
I packed Troop boxes for all the Holidays.
Thanksgiving was spent feeling Thankful and sharing it.
I had a bit of sickness and didn't get all my baking for the neighbors and friends done.   
 Christmas was filled with Joy and Family. 
The New Year started and here we are in mid-April. 

I could say it's been so hectic and busy around here there's been no time to think, let alone post. I could say that, but I won't. What is painfully true is that we are just about the most boring people I know. I barely peek out my door in the winter except to attend Church functions, Doctor's appts. and Grocery shop. 

I guess we keep busy with the mundane things of life, Laundry, snow shoveling, dishes, cooking, etc. I am bringing back Family dinner night. The family is a bit scattered, and busy so what happens is we see each other on Holidays, and that just isn't cutting it for us these days. 

I'm hoping to get myself back up to speed on posting. I plan to start today. It really is good for my soul to write things down. It's good for my brain too. It kicks in with memories of things I'd like to share. 

So I'm off to do some laundry, make a run to the store, and pick up some medication for the hubby.